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Confederations Cup results: A balanced view

When looking at the U.S. finishing 2nd in the Confederations Cup, it is easy to start getting excited about the team.  I think, however, the excitement might be a little premature.

If we look at the tournament in its entirety we see, not a soccer team ready to vie for a World Cup, but rather a team that made the semifinals via the longest of long shots.  Did they deserve to be there?  Sure, they made their own luck, but that’s not to say that they’ve been a dominant team recently.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the victory over Spain was an excellent win, but it was a bit like surviving a siege.  The U.S. were dominated in every aspect of that game except on the scoreboard.  The U.S. will not get very far next summer, or even in CONCACAF letting Tim Howard get shelled every game.

That’s the problem.  The U.S. played the same way for every game of the Confederations Cup except for their game against Egypt, a team ranked considerably lower than them that they should beat every time.

When you look at each game of the tourney, it becomes even more obvious that the U.S. is not nearly ready for primetime.

Game 1:  They go up 1-0 at halftime and then let in 3 second half goals to Italy and lose 3 -1.

Game 2:  They get blown out by Brazil, who score 3 first half goals and cruise.  The final is 3 – 0.

In fact, going into the third game against Egypt, who beat Italy and nearly beat Brazil, most thought it was going to be another blowout.

Game 3:  The U.S. did a great job and finally played to win rather than not to lose, but the 3-0 win only helped them when Italy collapsed against Brazil.

Game 4:  The U.S. scored a goal early, then held on for dear life against Spain, who everyone knows overlooked the U.S..  Even then, Spain had most of the chances and were unlucky to score.  A late U.S. goal makes the final 2-0, but there was no time in that match that U.S. looked equal to Spain.

Game 5:  Finally the U.S. played like they may be ready to do something in the World Cup.  The first half against Brazil was the best they’ve played in months, but 45 minutes doesn’t make a game, and to be fair, Brazil still had most of the play.  If Tim Howard doesn’t make several huge saves, the game is tied at the half.  The U.S. comes out  and gets crushed in the second half when Brazil scores 3 (really 4) goals and ends up with the trophy.

The U.S. really played about 120 minutes of good soccer out of a possible 450 minutes played.  Not really the type of performance we should be expecting out of the 14th best team in the World, according to FIFA.

In fact, I believe that if the U.S. keeps playing the way they did for most of the Confederations Cup in CONCACAF qualifying, they might not even make it to the World Cup next summer.

The U.S. has a lot of work to do before next summer.  They would do well to study their play in the whole tourney rather than focusing on where they finished.

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When coaching pays off

As a soccer coach, wins are fun and losses are tough, but it’s off the field accomplishments that make me the proudest.  Over the weekend, one of my captains did me proud.

Tomas Garcia accomplished something no one in his family has ever done. On Saturday, he graduated from the Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) with the hope of becoming an architect.

Excellent news, but they didn’t report that Tomas was one of only a few graduates to not only win a state ACE scholarship but receive a national ACE scholarship as well.

Great job Tomas!!

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Soccer Blog

I’ve been a soccer coach for awhile, but I needed a place to vent, discuss, and look for soccer ideas.  If you have anything you want to contribute get on over there.  Please let any soccer folks you might know about this site.  I can use all the help I can get.


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Education success story

The school I coach at seems to have gotten it right

D.S.S.T.’s first senior class has had every member be accepted to a four year college.  A remarkable feat!  Additionally, the school has a diverse makeup…

the senior class is 60 percent minority, 50 percent will be the first in their families to go to college and 40 percent are low-income.

Why the success?  Well the school is hard, but caring.  They don’t teach to a “test” but teach for life.  The CSAPS take care of themselves.  The school makes the kids understand that excuses are just that.  They learn quickly that success and failure is a personal choice.

I won’t lie.  I hurts my team to have kids missing practice because of tutoring, or internship programs, or mock trial preparation, or some other activity.  But I’d rather have a bad team with a bunch of future lawyers and doctors than a great team with kids only interested in “getting to the pros.”  For me, the best type of player is a smart player.  Smarts trump talent in most cases.

This is not to say my teams are bad, we’re not.  And that’s the great thing.  We get our wins and I have the privilege of working with our future’s best and brightest.

Not too bad a situation if you ask me.

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A funny thing happened…..

….on my way to Estes Park.

I was driving my girl’s soccer team to a game against Estes Park High School in Estes Park when the bus…died. I tried to get it going again but it just wasn’t happening. So there we were stuck on the highway in the mountains. After several minutes, a Boulder County Sheriff pulled up and helped. As we were waiting for the bus to cool down he told me what an interesting day he’d had.

Turns out he was one of the cops involved in this

A man stole an ambulance from outside the Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette on Tuesday afternoon.

Read the article, it’s pretty funny, but to hear the story from the deputy was hilarious. The part where the guy took off with the lights and sirens on was especially humorous.

Needless to say, that was the highlight of my afternoon yesterday.

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The “just got my head above water” post

Well, let’s see, between coaching soccer, running my business, grad school, and bunches of other stuff I’ve been swamped.  And really the last thing I wanted to do was to write more.

But I think I have a bit of a second wind now that some of this stuff is getting more manageable.  Additionally, my soccer team had a tough season.  4 – 11 tough.  The worst part is that this is the first losing season I’ve ever had as boy’s coach so I’m sure they had it tough this year.  The good news is we have everyone back next year so we could be good.

Business is looking o.k.  We’re not in any debt so that’s good news.

Grad school is winding down, but there is just so much writing…so…much…writing.

So after all that, hopefully the blog bug will come back.

Thanks to the very few of you who wander by every once in awhile.  don’t be strangers.

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Haven’t posted for superstitious reasons

But I can’t take it anymore.

GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!

There, that’s better.  Especially since my boy’s high school soccer team is mired in a 9 game losing streak.   I’d really like to win our soccer game today, but I want all the sports karma in this town going towards the Rox.

Besides, there’s always next year for my young soccer team…but that’s another story.

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A great day for my sports teams

It’s not everyday when Rockies, Nuggets, and Avs all win!  And all three in such dramatic fashion!  I can go to sleep happy.  Plus Jeff Bzdelik is going to coach the University of Colorado.  Woohoo!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this upbeat about Colorado sports.  Of course, they’ll all get crushed next game.

It almost makes up for my girls soccer team getting trounced today.

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Girls do it again!

My highschool girls soccer team did it again!  A 4 – 0 win!  They played really well, particularly after a gruelling practice yesterday due to some discipline issues.  They don’t like me very much, but this win should ease the pain….a little.

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A soccer announcement

Usually, when I blog about my high school varsity soccer teams it’s about the boys, not the girls.  That’s because the boys have played before and have experience.  Half my girls have never played, and the fact I even have eleven to play is an accomplishment.  Needless to say that the girls soccer team has never won a soccer game in the three year history of the school…

Until now.

A 2-1 win, on the road no less and I have to say I’ve never been prouder of a team I’ve coached.

Great job ladies!!!!

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