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Shannon Sharpe knows how to make an entrance

Congrats to Shannon for making the Bronco Ring of Fame.

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In the Pressbox….Broncos v. Bills

It’s the last game of the season…at home…for the Broncos and it’s a cold one.  Thank goodness I’m in the warm confines of the press box.  I’ve already had some ice cream, so I inderstand how all those folk outside feel.

As for the game, the Broncos have to win this, seeing as how San Diego has beaten Tampa Bay.  I don’t think Denver wins if they go to the Chargers tied.

We’ll know a lot about the Broncos chances today after their first couple of drives.  If they come out looking to spread the ball around and try to mix in the run, they should be o.k..  If they come out passing every play, and looking for Brandon Marshall only, well, it could be a long day for Denver.

Also, if the Broncos lose they’ll have a losing record at home.  Yikes!!!  Oh well, time for some more ice cream.

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In the press box……Denver v Kansas City

It’s a beautiful sunny day in the press box.  It looks cold outside, but I’m relaxing in a regulated 72 degree indoor environment. I am a bit non-plussed however.  A second straight game with only vanilla ice cream.  Where’s the chocolate pudding ice cream? Also the Broncos are wearing orange.  There was once a day when I was happy about this, but they don’t seem to do as well when wearing orange anymore.  I hope that changes today. More bad news.  Apparently Gidget is picking K.C.  Not good.

Kansas City wins the toss and will receive.

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In the press box……Denver v Oakland

Oh yes!  The team we love to hate.  Plus I’m bitter because my favorite ice cream isn’t here today.

Denver should win easily which means this will be a tough game.

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In the press box……Denver v Jacksonville

Hello again.  It’s cold outside in Denver, but I’ll manage…considering I’m in the warm confines of the pressbox.  I had a tasty lunch, my favorite chocolate pudding ice cream and a steady supply of coke.  I’ll still let you in on all the comings and goings of the game and stuff happening here.

DENVER WINS THE TOSS!!!! We can all go home now.  Wouldn’t that be lame?  Broncos decide to receive.

The inactives for Denver are Eddie Royal, Selvin Young, Tony Scheffler, Ebenezer Ekuban, Ryan Torain, Vernon Fox, Erik Pears, and Josh Shaw.  All of those could matter exept for Shaw and Fox.

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In the press box….Broncos vs. Tampa Bay

I got to the game early to do some studying for a serious midterm on Monday, and maybe also to get the bad taste of the Colorado vs. Texas game out of my mouth.  The lunch here helped.  It was yummy, and they had chocolate pudding ice cream.  Its so good.  I have to get more right now.

O.K., I’m back.  This should be a good game if, if, the Broncos can play some defense. They should have a better time because they’re not playing against a Tomlinson, Bush, or Johnson.  Also, can Brian Griese come in and be the Q.B, that Broncos fans thought he’d be, or the one they saw when he was a Bronco.  I’m personally hoping for another 30-something to 30-something game because they’re fun to watch and keep my attention.

So stay tuned… back in awhile.

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In the press box….Broncos vs. New Orleans

And you thought last week was fun.  This could actually be a similar game as both teams have really good offenses and really…um….charitable defenses.  It’s already been an interesting day with me forgeting my power cord at home and having to beg…on my knees…hands clasped the parking folk to let me go home to get it.  The lunch, meanwhile was indescribable.  I mean I can’t describe it.  It was good, but not sure what it was.

One other note, Broncos wearing the orange jerseys today.  Don’t know what that means.

Be right back, I need some more ice cream.  I love ice cream.

Also gotta mention that my favorite half time act is here.  The United States Marine Corp Silent Drill Team (I said Army but it was the Marine Corp.  Sorry about that).  They are so cool!  I’d interview them, but their, you know, silent.

New Orleans WINS!!!!!  The coin toss and elect to receive.  Don’t know what’s my deal today but I’m a little oFf.  Just sayin’.

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In the press box….Broncos and San Diego

Just starting off.  Have a lot of other stuff going on, but I’ll keep up here.

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Broncos v Vikings: The no one cares addition

I got here late, but managed to see the field goal. Apparently the Vikings are killing the Broncos in everything except the score. Hopefully we can play running time. Why was I late? well I was with out of town friends at Colorado’s most famous restaurant…Casa Bonita!

Anyway, I’m just killing time until the Colorado Alabama football game.

UPDATE: I’m a good luck charm. I show up and the Broncos score a touchdown to take the lead. The Broncos should hire me.

UPDATE: This just in, Adrian Peterson is pretty good. Just Sayin’.

UPDATE: The ice cream is good, but not Troy Williamson is not. He was wide open and dropped the ball. Terrible. I mean getting cut at halftime terrible. Jeez.

UPDATE: And the Broncos get a fumble recovery. I tell ya, I’m a good luck charm baby!!!!

UPDATE: I’m not that much of a good luck charm cause the Broncos fumble the ball, but get it back. Yikes!

UPDATE: Selvin Young scores a touchdown, but staying to form the Broncos get called for holding and the TD doesn’t count. I can’t remember a season where the Broncos had so many touchdowns called back due to penalties or lost due to goal line fumbles. They score half those touchdowns, they’re in the playoffs for sure.

UPDATE: The Broncos are playing with fire, that’s for sure. Brandon Marshall takes it to the two. Timeout for the two minute warning.

UPDATE: The Broncos score again on a pass from Cutler to Scheffler. Minnesota could be in trouble…..unless I leave the stadium early. 14-3 Broncos

UPDATE: Had to get a chili dog. Yummy. The Broncos run out the clock and they lead 14-3 at halftime. Yea!!!

UPDATE: Start of the third quarter. Minnesota needs a score it they want to stay in this thing. They go deep again. They like going deep. Bailey had good coverage though. I would run Peterson every down myself. No one can stop him, and the Vikings receivers can’t catch anything.

UPDATE: I will say this, it’s one of the hardest hitting games I’ve seen this year. Brandon Marshall just took a huge hit.

UPDATE: Brandon Marshall needs a contract extension. He is nearly unstoppable.

UPDATE: Broncos stall and half to go for the field goal. They just can’t run, and if the Broncos can’t run they can’t move the ball at all. Elam gets the field goal though and its 17-3 Broncos. It will be a sad day when Elam retires or gets cut. He has solidified the kicking position and I don’t think folks know how important it is to have a good kicker.

UPDATE: The Broncos are on defense and they are playing with a passion of a team that is playing for their jobs. Where was this earlier in the season. I mean really. When a team is out of the playoffs early and then dominates another team on the final day it really gets fans angy wondering why they didn’t play like this the whole year.

UPDATE: Brandon Marshall catches his 100th catch of the season which is something he can reflect on when he’s sitting at home next week watching the playoffs. It’s a good accomplishment but winning Super Bowls are more important, just ask Rod Smith.

UPDATE: O.K. That was wierd. A personal foul by Minnesota in the end zone means the Broncos score a safety. You know it’s not the Vikings’ day when that happens. But the Broncos will take it. 19-3 Broncos.

UPDATE: Broncos go for it on 4th and don’t get it but I like that “get this game over” spirit. Did I mention the Buffs are on at 6:00 p.m.? I need to see that game.

UPDATE: Well, the Vikings score but it may be too late, unless they make a two point conversion and get an onsides kick. I bet that happens. That would be funny…funny strange not ha ha. Oh well, time for me to head down to ask the Broncos about their golf plans tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Just got back from the locker room.  Good win but I hate being right about going to overtime.  Oh well.  Time for CU and Alabama.

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Broncos v Chiefs

Boy, I’m here early. Oh well, more fun for y’all. Also I’ll be doing updates for a couple radio networks so I’ll be particularly busy. But I’ll still let everyone know the real story about what’s going on.

UPDATE: Well at the start of the game it’s sunny and cold. Glad I’m not sitting outside. It’s warm in the pressbox and I’m eating ice cream. Yum! Basically it’s this…Both teams are bad, but who’s gonna be worse. IF, and notice how big that “if” is, the Broncos win this they still have a shot at getting killed in the first round of the playoffs. Look for the Broncos to come out quick and then hold on at the end. That seems to be their game plan these days.

At least the Broncos will receive to start the game.

UPDATE: It took two plays to see what the Broncos are going to do and that’s run the ball. Selvin Young with a 52 yard rush. The Broncos are getting close to the dreaded “red zone” so that could be a problem.

UPDATE: Well scoring outside of the red zone is another way to get over that problem. 21 yard pass to Brandon Stokley and the Broncos are up 7-0 quickly.

UPDATE: And the defense looks good too. A three and out.

UPDATE: Broncos get the ball back after a big punt. It looks like the Broncos can do anything offensively, but I’ve written that before…as I type a long pass to Daniel Graham who was wide open, I mean W I D E O P E N. Now another long play. Did the Chiefs come out of the locker room yet?

UPDATE: I wish the press box was cooler, my ice cream is melting…or maybe the heat is coming from the Broncos offense which is on fire. a pass to Brandon Marshall takes it into the red zone again…(cue scary music).

UPDATE: Travis Henry gets the Touchdown this time. Where was this offense all year long? Oh that’s right, fumbling everything away in the red zone. That’s why I talk about it so much. 14-0 Broncos.

UPDATE: Chiefs get it again and promptly commit a penalty. Doesn’t look like K.C. tightend Tony Gonzalez catches a ball for like the 5 millionth game in a row. Broncos defense still looks good. Another 3 an out.

UPDATE: San Diego wins in OT so the Broncos need this game more than ever.

UPDATE: Broncos get the ball back and try a long pass which is incomplete. They really should run the ball since the Chiefs can’t seem to stop it. The Bronco O-Line is dominating the Chiefs front seven. As I say that Selvin Young goes for 9 yards on a….rush. See how smrt I am?

UPDATE: Broncos can’t convert so they punt. K.C. gets the ball at the 26.

UPDATE: Broncos continue to shut down the K.C. offense. Mallard bats down a pass and us witty folks note that “Mallard was responsible for that duck.” Another 3 and out. Apparently the Broncos defense was listening to the song “Three is the magic number” or “Three is the magic number“, or even “Three is the magic number.” Take your pick.

UPDATE: Of course in the spirit of good sportsmanship, the Broncos have decided to play “prevent offense” for the rest of the game, confident their 14 – 0 lead will stand up. And that’s the end of the first quarter. Time for a cookie.

UPDATE: The Chiefs get a first down! It only took nearly 16 minutes and a Bronco penalty. Good defense or bad offense, you decide.

UPDATE: K.C. is sick of punting so will go for it on 4th down and……..get it. This could be a turning point in this game. I mean it.

UPDATE: Brody Croyle gets sacked by Ian Gold and I’m not sure how he got up. That’s why I don’t play football. The sack brings up another long yardage situation. Croyle passes to Gonzalez, apparently the only receiver the Chiefs have.

UPDATE: Another 4th down and they……….got it again. I told you it was a turning point. The Chiefs score here and they’re only down a TD after the Broncos fast start. A lucky incomplete pass or the Chiefs are close to scoring.

UPDATE: K.C. is not in sync on offense. They have at least three penalties. Not a way to play on the road. Gonzalez with another reception. From now on I will refer to this as GWAR.

UPDATE: Another painful looking sack on Croyle. Elvis Dumervil has this one. He is relentless. Really fun to watch. But as I type, the Chiefs get a long pass and are down to the 10 yard line.

UPDATE: Another penalty. The Chiefs will mention this at the end of the game I’m sure. It didn’t hurt them because GWAR…this time for a touchdown. 14 – 7 Broncos still lead.

Getting that first 4th down conversion was a turning point…I’m telling ya.

UPDATE: A long pass to Daniel Graham. The Broncos need to pass more to Graham. We’ve been saying that, but today he is wide open in the middle. Broncos getting back on track on offense.

UPDATE: A great play by Denver finds Brandon Marshall wide open in the endzone for a TD. He gets a penalty for throwing snow up in the air, but it was still really funny. Broncos build up their lead 21-7.

UPDATE: Brody Croyle is having trouble holding on to the ball when he throws. It’s causing him to short hop his passes, and when he gets a gold of the ball he over shoots his receiver. If he figures this out, he could cause problems. But for now it’s yet another 3 and out.

UPDATE: A pitch to Selvin Young that should have gone for a yard ends up going for 29, make it 31 yards. Young is looking like he’s the steal of this year’s rookies. He is an electric runner. :57 seconds left in the half and the Broncos think they can score again…..We’ll see.

UPDATE: Another pitch, this time to flagrant snow thrower Brandon Marshall gets another ten yards. The Broncos know they can run on the Chiefs. Every time they have a run, all the Chief defenders are getting blocked. Again I say, where was this the last couple weeks?

UPDATE: The Broncos screw with the clock, but still get one second for a field goal try. I think they could have done more with this, but Elam’s kick is good. A good way to end the half. 24-7 Broncos.

UPDATE: Time for a hotdog and maybe some more ice cream. Back in a bit.

UPDATE: The hotdog is good. The Chiefs are not and have to punt. Making it worse is that Tony Gonzalez is hurt with a sprained ankle. Return questionable. The only thing stopping the Broncos offense is themselves.

UPDATE: The Broncos offense continues to churn out yardage. If they stay like this, they could do some damage in the playoffs….yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

UPDATE: The Broncos move the ball until they stop themselves in the redzone and have to settle for a Jason Elam field goal. good thing they’re up big…for now. 27-7 Broncos lead.

UPDATE: The Chiefs have 5 first downs…not good. Now Croyle throws up a “WTF pass” and gets it intercepted by Champ Bailey. Broncos get the ball again. They need to get a TD just to prove to me and themselves that they can score touchdowns in the second half.

UPDATE: After Jay Cutler does his best Tim Tebow imitation on a long scramble, he does his best Colt McCoy imitation with his third TD pass of the day. This time a 2 yard strike to Daniel Graham. Nice to see two red zone touchdowns for Denver and the Broncos extend their lead to 34 – 7. Nice.

UPDATE: Crazy stat, the only first downs the Chiefs had came on their one TD drive of the day. Every other drive was three and out. Wow!! Now a fumble recovery. Broncos have it at the Chiefs 17 yard line. Elvis Dumervil’s second sack. Fumble recovery by…they won’t tell us, but I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: The Broncos are taking out some frustrations right now. Jay Cutler throws his fourth TD pass of the day. Brandon Marshall gets his second TD catch, and shows his maturity by not throwing snow this time. Broncos up big. 41 – 7.

UPDATE: If it weren’t the Chiefs, I might feel bad for them. This is getting a bit ridiculous. Tony Gonzalez is back in the game but got crushed! Still no first downs this half for K.C. Oh, and the penalties keep coming. the good news? The Chiefs are punting this drive.

UPDATE: I know who’s the coldest guy on the field. It’s actually a tie between Herm Edwards the coach for the Chiefs and Todd Sauerbraun, the punter for the Broncos. Sauerbraun may actually be in the locker room with the way the Broncos are playing.

UPDATE: Apparently, Jay Cutler’s arm is getting tired because the Broncos are content running the ball. Goodness! A rare Todd Sauerbraun sighting! And the Broncos are booing…either the punt or Eddie Kennison back to receive the punt. Bronco fans don’t like Eddie Kennison much.

UPDATE: Only 69,975 people at the game? For shame on Bronco fans. A time was the colder it is the more people that showed up. Bad fans. Bad!

UPDATE: What’s not been bad is the Denver D. This is reminding me of the old Orange Crush defense. And Ian Gold makes a huge play on third down to underscore my point. 3 and out for the Chiefs yet again.

UPDATE: The Chiefs have -4 yards total offense in the second half. That’s incredible. Too Bad the Broncos needed this performance against Chicago or Oakland. Still nice to see.

UPDATE: I made a mistake. The Chiefs have -5 yards total offense. My mistake.

UPDATE: The Broncos punt again, but down the ball on the 1 yard line. Chiefs may not even shower, but just go to the bus and go home.

UPDATE:  I’m shocked the starters are still in, but hey.  Gotta head down and ask the Broncos some questions.  Not looking forward to the cold weather.  Back later.

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