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Look what I found….

Walking and Drinking Beer is a new blog I was introduced to today.  All I can say is….YES!!!

I’m quite certain that Stephen will approve.

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It’s true….

about my new job, except that I’m an advocate for bloggers.  I’m really an advocate for the Colorado Senate Republican Caucus, but I think a strong relationship with bloggers is a good thing.

If you want to know more about the Colorado Senate Republican Caucus.  Colorado Senate News should be a daily read.

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My 5280th visitor to this site

A cool number for us Coloradans, but irrelevant everywhere else.

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Rod Smith: Goodbye to the best

John Elway will always be considered the best Bronco ever to play, and I agree, but Rod Smith is number two.  His work ethic, team first attitude, and feisty leadership did as much as anything to bring two Super Bowls to Denver.  We all knew that he wasn’t coming back after the hip surgergy, but we were all hoping he could.  His retirement today is sad, but I assure you he will be one of the Broncos best coaches this year.

He could even be head coach someday….

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Don’t fear the Panda

I went to see Kung Fu Panda last night, and well…It Rocks!!!!

This is by far the best animated film I’ve seen in a long time. I highly recommend it.

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Education success story

The school I coach at seems to have gotten it right

D.S.S.T.’s first senior class has had every member be accepted to a four year college.  A remarkable feat!  Additionally, the school has a diverse makeup…

the senior class is 60 percent minority, 50 percent will be the first in their families to go to college and 40 percent are low-income.

Why the success?  Well the school is hard, but caring.  They don’t teach to a “test” but teach for life.  The CSAPS take care of themselves.  The school makes the kids understand that excuses are just that.  They learn quickly that success and failure is a personal choice.

I won’t lie.  I hurts my team to have kids missing practice because of tutoring, or internship programs, or mock trial preparation, or some other activity.  But I’d rather have a bad team with a bunch of future lawyers and doctors than a great team with kids only interested in “getting to the pros.”  For me, the best type of player is a smart player.  Smarts trump talent in most cases.

This is not to say my teams are bad, we’re not.  And that’s the great thing.  We get our wins and I have the privilege of working with our future’s best and brightest.

Not too bad a situation if you ask me.

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A Public Service Post: Take CPR

You never know who’s life you might save….

A lot had to happen to keep Standley Lake High student Lindsay Hayden alive on Monday, and everything worked to perfection.

Lindsey, a 17-year-old senior, collapsed during class, slumping from her chair.

Classmate Cameron Durand knew CPR, and he didn’t hesitate; Lindsey wasn’t breathing.

I had to take CPR in order to coach my soccer team and it does take about five hours, but those five hours are nothing compared to being able to save someone’s life.

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Gettin’ Hitched

I’ve got this wedding on Saturday that I can’t miss, cause my fiance and her family would kill me.  Needless to say that I will be taking a short break from this here blog while I get married, not that too many will notice.Any who, be back in awhile.

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Victory for Venezuela, defeat for Chavez

This is the start of the end of Chavez.

Voters in Venezuela defeated a contentious referendum that would have given President Hugo Chávez sweeping new powers, the Election Commission announced early Monday.

I’m sure Hugo will find a way to wiggle out of this, but for tonight, Venezuelans can see a light at the end of the Chavez nightmare.

A great day for Venezuela!!!

UPDATE:  More here

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Great news about stem cells

A breakthrough

Scientists have made ordinary human skin cells take on the chameleon-like powers of embryonic stem cells, a startling breakthrough that might someday deliver the medical payoffs of embryo cloning without the controversy.

Excellent news!  Look, I’m not the most conservative about abortion, but I think this is an excellent development.  I’ve always been unsettled about people, even ones not born yet, giving their bodies to science without their consent.   This development also makes it much harder for people who advocate for embyonic stem cell research to claim the moral high ground…not that they had it anyway.

By the way, you think this advancement still happens if President Bush doesn’t force this issue?  I certainly don’t think so.  Way to go Mr. President.

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