About Darren

A guy living in Denver who has lots of interests, tons of opinions, and none of the good sense to keep those opinions to himself…..oh yeah…he also has cats.

4 responses to “About Darren

  1. *taps fingers on desk and wonders why nobody is postin*

    \”Postin\” -Southern Verb, to post. lol

  2. A few questions from a blog idiot

    How do you keep the spammers from eating you alive? i\’ve seen blogs with nothing but spam postings.

    How do you keep some left wing extremist from posting racist or defamatory rhetoric? and if you cant stop them, what are you legally liabel when they do?

    can viruses be posted to blogs?

  3. Hey, “Over the Edge,” listed under Colorado Blogs, has been superseded by “Bloodthirsty Warmonger.” Check it out – one of the most recent postings mentions a cat placed in nomination for the presidency!:-)

  4. Adam Bentley

    Dear Mr. Copeland,

    I am a filmmaker in Edmonton who intends to work with other filmmakers to create a feature film consisting of a collection of 10 short films featuring public art in Edmonton and I was wondering if I could obtain your permission to give my collective the option of producing one of their shorts to feature Sound Columns?


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