Always love a good link/Getting Medieval

Thanks Ed!  I always appreciate the links.  Just so everyone knows, I still do write here.  It’s just that writing an article on the good/bad points of going to war in the Middle East, and who is or isn’t patriotic seems so…so….05.

So 1105 if you catch my drift.


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3 responses to “Always love a good link/Getting Medieval

  1. I’m following this particular blog for awhile now and I have never been
    disappointed. I’m hoping to see more posts like your last one.

  2. I appreciate the manner in which you express ideas.
    It makes me think, but much more importantly it makes me feel
    and I adore it.

  3. With your permission, I will take this opportunity and state just how
    much I delight in following this weblog. It
    never ever fails to make me think… Or feel

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