Well then, I won’t

Sometimes stupidity in others is funny….really funny.  Other times, however, when their misguided actions are sure to cause them personal pain, or difficulty, it becomes a little harder to watch.

Take this story from Fox News

Celebrity hotspot and renowned Japanese restaurant Nobu has written a note to diners at its London restaurants warning them not to eat the bluefin tuna on the menu because it is endangered, the London Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The restaurant, popular with stars like Brad Pitt and Kate Moss, calls the $50 dish on its own menu “environmentally challenged.” It asks patrons to “ask your server for an alternative.”

This misguided attempt to be environmentally friendly is not only a patently superficial gesture, but will probably cause the restaurant to take a huge hit, financially or otherwise.  Whoever does Nobu’s P.R. needs to tell them to rethink this.

Look, the worst thing you can do is sit on the fence about something.  If you really care about the plight of the noble bluefin tuna, then don’t serve the noble bluefin tuna at your restaurant.

If you’re interested in making $50 bucks a plate from selling the tasty, tasty fish, then sell it, without apology.

Fence sitting will only get both sides mad at you.

But hey, maybe they’re going for the “I tell others to be environmental but don’t have to do it myself cause I’m so cool” crowd.  And, Lord knows, there’s plenty of those folks around.

Needless to say, the next time I travel to one of my favorite cities, Nobu will not be on the…um…menu.

via Drudge.

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