Answering your own questions

According to Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera, the Big 12 conference is trying to find ways to save money.  Here’s the first paragraph of the story.  In it there might be the answer they’re looking for.

— Big 12 administrators gathered here Tuesday at the swank Broadmoor Hotel to begin discussions on reining in costs and taking a more frugal approach to doing business in a struggling economy.

I would say that having the meetings somewhere other than The Broadmoor, perhaps the ritziest hotel spa in Colorado this side of Aspen, might do a lot to save some money.

But that’s just me.

Look, I don’t care if they meet there. The place is awesome! And I certainly don’t want to see places like that go by the wayside because of groups being afraid to meet at a nice location.

I am saying that maybe it’s not such a great idea to be talking about cutting spending while staying at a place like the Broadmoor.

Just a thought.

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