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In the press box….Broncos vs. Tampa Bay

I got to the game early to do some studying for a serious midterm on Monday, and maybe also to get the bad taste of the Colorado vs. Texas game out of my mouth.  The lunch here helped.  It was yummy, and they had chocolate pudding ice cream.  Its so good.  I have to get more right now.

O.K., I’m back.  This should be a good game if, if, the Broncos can play some defense. They should have a better time because they’re not playing against a Tomlinson, Bush, or Johnson.  Also, can Brian Griese come in and be the Q.B, that Broncos fans thought he’d be, or the one they saw when he was a Bronco.  I’m personally hoping for another 30-something to 30-something game because they’re fun to watch and keep my attention.

So stay tuned…..be back in awhile.

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