In the press box….Broncos vs. New Orleans

And you thought last week was fun.  This could actually be a similar game as both teams have really good offenses and really…um….charitable defenses.  It’s already been an interesting day with me forgeting my power cord at home and having to beg…on my knees…hands clasped the parking folk to let me go home to get it.  The lunch, meanwhile was indescribable.  I mean I can’t describe it.  It was good, but not sure what it was.

One other note, Broncos wearing the orange jerseys today.  Don’t know what that means.

Be right back, I need some more ice cream.  I love ice cream.

Also gotta mention that my favorite half time act is here.  The United States Marine Corp Silent Drill Team (I said Army but it was the Marine Corp.  Sorry about that).  They are so cool!  I’d interview them, but their, you know, silent.

New Orleans WINS!!!!!  The coin toss and elect to receive.  Don’t know what’s my deal today but I’m a little oFf.  Just sayin’.

15:00  1st Quarter – Broncos kick and Andre Hall just crushes Pierre Thomas.  Wow!!!

13:54  1st Quarter – Broncos sack Brees on 3rd down and get off the field and punt to Eddie Royal who makes a nice return.

11:28  1st Quarter – The Broncos offense starts the game by…..running the ball.  Not sure why, but they seem to be successful.  Selvin Young nearrly breaks one but stepped out of bounds.

10:18  1st Quarter – A great pass and catch by Brandon Stokley.  Looked like a facemask but Stokley takes it down to the 3.  Pittman gets the ball on the next play and looked like he scored, but didn’t.  Cutler gets the ball to Nate Jackson on the next play and the Broncos have the lead.

7 – 0 Broncos

9:08  1st Quarter – Nice kick through the uprights for Matt Prater.  Jason who?

8:53  1st Quarter – Brees gets it to Jeremy Shockey to start the second drive and the Saints have their initial first down of the day.

7:35  1st Quarter – Brees to Shockey again and that looks like it could be a effective combination for N.O.  And a third time for another first down.  Your going to hear Brees to Shockey a lot today.

4:40  1st Quarter – Reggie Bush is running hard between the tackles.  I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to him these days but he looks like an entirely different player than he was as a rookie.  As I say that Brees completes pass to Bush for another long gain.  This game looks like it could deteriorate into another shootout.  Geez, would that be terrible.

2:33  1st Quarter – Broncos defense bends but doesn’t break and the Saints settle for a Martin Gramatica field goal.  How old is Gramatica anyway?  He seems to have been around since the 70’s.

7 – 3 Broncos

1:49  1st Quarter – Broncos get the ball agains and now the passing game is working.  A long first down pass to Danial Graham followed by another short pass and the offense begins to look the the offense of yesteryear in the grand ole’ days of last week.

:27  1st Quarter – A long pass to Brandon Marshall is…incomplete.  Nice catch though.  Wait, the replay seems to show a touchdown.  Looked incomplete to me, but the replay never lies…right?  Broncos challenge.  Lets see if this gets overturned.  CBS Sportsline says play is upheld, but I haven’t heard that yet.  Wonder if their at the Wing restaurant I see on TV?  Play is overturned.  Touchdown Broncos!!!

14 – 3 Broncos

I’m not a Fantasy Football guy but Cutler has to be helping some folk win a lot of games.

At the end of the 1st Quarter 14 – 3 Broncos lead

14:30  2nd Quarter – Now the Broncos defense gets into the action.  John Engleberger hits Reggie Bush and forces a fumble that Nate Webster returns 34 yards for a touchdown.  These Broncos sure are offensive.

21 – 3 Broncos

The Saints better do something in a hurry or this could get really ugly.  Of course I said that last week and Darren Sproles promptly returned the kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown.  It didn’t happen, but that’s not to say the Saints can’t strike quickly.  Reggie Bush is a threat to score on every play.

13:42  2nd Quarter – One of my sources says that Bush was barking at Sean Payton right before the fumble.  Don’t think he’ll be doing that anymore.  Of course as I say that, Brees completes one to Bush for 23 yards and the Saints are on the move.  Need to start talking bad about people.  They seem to do something big right as I hit “save”.

11:46  2nd Quarter – The Bronco Defensive line is as active as I’ve seen them in a long time.  They aren’t getting pressure all the time, but the Broncos are relying on a 3 and 4 man rush while dropping more people into coverage.  Except for the guy running wide open for a 28 yard completion.  I’m like a human voodoo doll.  Apt considering New Orleans is in town.

9:39  2nd Quarter – Brees and Bush are trying to get New Orleans back into it.  Bush is electric and the defense is keying on him.  This allows Pierre Thomas to score from 5 yards out.  The touchdown cuts the Bronco lead to 21 – 10.  Funny, this score sounds familiar.  Yeah, just like last week when the Broncos led Dan Diego 21 – 3 before the Sproles scored.  And now an interception!  Geez!  I’d like to see the Broncos keep a big lead for a change.

21 – 10 Broncos

8:15  2nd Quarter – Oh No!!!!!  Reggie Bush takes it to the house!!! Wait, a flag.  Whew.  Glad that got called back, but the Broncos defense isn’t out of the woods yet.

7:26  2nd Quarter – Did I mention that Reggie Bush is electric.  I can see what all the hype is about.

6:51  2nd Quarter – Now I really see.  Bush from 23 yards out and just like that the Broncos are in a dogfight again.

21 – 17  Broncos

5:15  2nd Quarter – Now it’s Brandon Marhall’s turn to shine making several incredible moves after an ill-advised pass from Jay Cutler.  The New Orleans Spanish play by play guys are next to me which is strange but all they could say was “eiyeee”.  No lie, that’s what he said.

2:59  2nd Quarter – Broncos can’t finish and they have to settle for a Matt Prader field goal.  Cutler has a strong arm and has confidence in it, but he needs to start being smarter about forcing passes.  It killed him on this drive.

24 – 17 Broncos

2:00 2nd Quarter – Hello police?  I can’t seem to find any defense.  Think you could look around?  Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.  Saints are shredding the 11 guys in orange who are on the field at the same time as the New Orleans offense.  Now an illegal contact against Denver and the Saints are on the Broncos 5.

:57  2nd Quarter – Broncos stop N.O. on first down and call time out.  I don’t blame them.  Lots of time to score when you’re playing unopposed.

:26  2nd Quarter – Brees fumbles!  New Orleans recovers.  4th and 1 for the Saints.  Broncos would be very fortunate to get a stop here.  Not sure they won’t take the field goal, but why would you when the Denver defense hasn’t stopped you yet.

:31  2nd Quarter – Officials put 5 seconds back on clock.  How amazing has all this scoring been?  In six quarters this year, assuming the Saints don’t score here, there have been 118 points scored.  That’s nearly 20 points a quarter scored so far.  AND THE BRONCOS HOLD!!!!!!!!!  Nate Webster with the stop.  I’m not sure I’m more excited about no points scored or about an actual defensive play happening.  Maybe both.

:23  2nd Quarter – Of course I should have mentioned the possibility of a safety.  Selvin Young is tackled in the endzone and that’s two points for the Saints.  Now Reggie Bush is back to receive the kick which goes out of bounds.  Ball on 50 yard line with :23 seconds left.  I fully expect Reggie Bush to score a touchdown right here.

24 – 19 Broncos

:03  2nd Quarter – Saints  try a 51 yarder but it goes wide left and the first half ends….mercifully.

End of the first half 24 – 19 Broncos lead

I need a hot dog…and an aspirin.

15:00  3rd Quarter – Ready to start the 3rd Quarter, and during halftime the U.S. Marine Corp Silent Drill Team scored two touchdowns.  Broncos set to receive.

14:53  3rd Quarter – Peyton Hillis, a Denver rookie fullback takes the kick and has a good return.  He is another rookie who has impressed.

14:13  3rd Quarter – Broncos go 3 and out.  Its deja vu all over again.  Reggie Bush takes the punt and returns it for 17 yards.

12:29  3rd Quarter – Hey, look at that.  The Broncos force the Saints to go 3 and out and New Orleans is forced to punt.  Denver starts at their own 20.

10:16  3rd Quarter – Denver is starting to realize that the best way to stop the Saints is to keep them off the field and is running the ball.  Now they pass and…oh wow….Cutler misses a wide, I mean WIDE open Brandon Marshall.  That was terrible.   My source says the Mike Shanahan is on the hot seat for calling that rushing play from his own one that resulted in a safety.  The source also thinks that by the start of the third quarter Mike Shanahan was off the hot seat.

9:08  3rd Quarter – A defensive pass interference called on New Orleans proving that the only thing that can stop Brandon Marshall is Brandon Marshall, or Jay Cutler if he overthrows him by 10 yards.  See?  Marshall drops a sure touchdown on a bad Cutler pass.

8:40  3rd Quarter – Another pass to Marshall and another first down.

7:56  3rd Quarter – After a heady play by Cutler, Andre Hall has a strong run….in fact he’s had a lot of strong runs today to get it down to the 2 yard line.  Michael Pittman finishes it off with a romp into the endzone.  A nice 12 play 80 yard drive for Denver.

31 – 19 Broncos

7:11  3rd Quarter – After the touchdown I go to get pretzels and Brees connects with Robert Meachem for a 74 yard gain and a 1st and goal at the 6.  All I wanted was pretzels, can’t a guy get pretzels without missing a big play?

7:02  3rd Quarter – Like clockwork Brees hit Reggie Bush on a screen and Bush hurdles in for a six yard score.  Just like that.  What was I saying about defense?

31 – 26 Broncos

6:54  3rd Quarter – I have to pee.  I hope there’s no big play while I’m gone….at least not too many.

5:03  3rd Quarter – Thank goodness the bathroom has radio in it or I would have totally missed Brandon Marshall nearly breaking one for a touchdown.  Apparently he stepped out of bounds after 33 yards.  I told y’all I’d miss at least one big play.

4:07  3rd Quarter – One rush and back to Marshall for an 18 yard game.  New Orleans has to take a time out to check one last time anyone’s gonna cover Brandon Marshall.

3:43  3rd Quarter – Denver definitely thinking pass as 6 of the last 8 plays were a run.  Of course Denver runs it on 3rd down, gets stopped and has to settle again for the field goal.  Still its points….kinda like a free throw is points in a three point shooting contest.

34 – 26  Broncos

1:56  3rd Quarter – Bush gets the ball and says hello to Champ Bailey’s younger brother Boss.  I’ll say this, when Boss Bailey hits you, you know it.

:31  3rd Quarter – Brees hits Shockey for a first down and again the crowd chants their most pressing question…”DEFENSE?  DEFENSE?”

What?  Only 17 Points this quarter?  A defensive battle for sure.  Well maybe not, but definitely offensive…in several different ways.

End of the third quarter, Broncos lead 34 – 26

14:55  4th Quarter – Saints start the fourth with a great catch by Lance Moore.  There’s been no defense, but both offenses have made some incredible plays.  Can’t say it’s not exciting.

9:54  4th Quarter – Pierre Thomas finishes off the Saints 15 play drive with a 10 yard touchdown to close the lead to two.  N.O. goes for two but the Broncos bat the ball away.  Broncos keep that slender two point lead.

34 – 32 Broncos

9:46  4th Quarter – Eddie Royal gets the first down reverse and gets a first and then a stupid roughing play on the Saints.  Then Brandon Marshall makes a grab and gets tripped up by the grass.  Apparently the only thing playing defense today is the field.  Broncos have it at the 21 and are driving.  Why run when you can pass, pass, pass.

6:17  4th Quarter – Wonder why Cutler is pass happy?  Marshall, Royal, Stokley, Scheffler, Graham…take your pick.  They all get open and make big plays.  Scheffler is the latest with a key first down catch.

5:33  4th Quarter  – Voodoo strikes again as I mention Scheffler he fumbles on the two and the Saints recover and return it to the Bronco 25.  Even if this was an incomplete pass, there’s no way they’ll overturn this after last week.  Where’s those inadvertant whistles when you need them?

The play is under review, but I think Shanahan is doing this to give his defense some time to rest and break up the New Orleans momentum.

Fumble upheld and the Saints are marching again.

4:36 4th Quarter – Another long gain on a short pass by Brees.  This time Devery Henderson has the huge gain.  The completion gives Drew Brees 404 yards total passing so far.  And another pass for 15 more yards.

3:21 4th Quarter – Will New Orleans win? Or will the Broncos stop them?  Tune in later, I have to go down to the field.  Back later.

Well, at least no one scored while I was on the field, but it sure was another exciting finish.  I just kinda wish that the Broncos can get their defense going, but hey, undefeated is undefeated.  Great win by the Broncos.

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