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In the press box….Broncos vs. New Orleans

And you thought last week was fun.  This could actually be a similar game as both teams have really good offenses and really…um….charitable defenses.  It’s already been an interesting day with me forgeting my power cord at home and having to beg…on my knees…hands clasped the parking folk to let me go home to get it.  The lunch, meanwhile was indescribable.  I mean I can’t describe it.  It was good, but not sure what it was.

One other note, Broncos wearing the orange jerseys today.  Don’t know what that means.

Be right back, I need some more ice cream.  I love ice cream.

Also gotta mention that my favorite half time act is here.  The United States Marine Corp Silent Drill Team (I said Army but it was the Marine Corp.  Sorry about that).  They are so cool!  I’d interview them, but their, you know, silent.

New Orleans WINS!!!!!  The coin toss and elect to receive.  Don’t know what’s my deal today but I’m a little oFf.  Just sayin’.

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