In the press box….Broncos and San Diego

Just starting off.  Have a lot of other stuff going on, but I’ll keep up here.

14:33   1st Quarter – Broncos have ball first.  Have a brnad new offense that is very exciting.  Two pass plays to long gains.  Hope they can keep it up.

12:45   1st Quarter –  Five straight passing plays and only the last was an incomplete.  The Charger defense is getting very spread out.

12:18   1st Quarter – Might see the actual achilles heel of this offense and that is the line.  They’ve been called for two straight penalties.  Need to watch that.

12:06   1st Quarter – Good start for Broncos but still have to punt.  Chargers get ball on their own 20 yard line.

11:20  1st Quarter – Intercepted!!!! Or is it?  Chargers want a replay.  Oh No!!! Replay is down so the refs have to wait.   They get two minutes to figure this out or the interception by Champ Bailey stands.  CBS Sportsline has already said that the play was upheld.  Maybe they know something we don’t.  Replay still isn’t working…so play is upheld.  Bad Break for Chargers.

8:05   1st Quarter – Touchdown by Michael Pittman.  Had to use some facilities here so I was a bit late letting you all know.

7 – 0 Broncos

1:51  1st Quarter – Chargers offense looks good, but they have to settle for a field goal.

7 – 3 Broncos

1:04  1st Quarter – Broncos back on offense and they are just shredding the Chargers defense.  Even when they have a busted play they seem to gain yards.  Cutler must be one happy dude with Marshall, Royal, Scheffler, Graham to pass to and Hall, Pittman, and Young to hand it off to.  Right now the only thing that can seem to stop the Broncos offense is themselves.

:04   1st Quarter – Broncos call time out with four seconds left….I wonder why?  For a run that loses yards?  Hmmm.  Interesting.  End of the first quarter.

At the end of the 1st Quarter:  Broncos 7 and Chargers 3

14:52  2nd Quarter – That didn’t take long.  A long play to Marshall and a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to put the ball on the two yard line.

13:48  2nd Quarter – Touchdown!!!! Three yard pass from Cutler to Scheffler.  Don’t know why it took 3 plays but a good looking drive.

14 – 3 Broncos

11:15  2nd Quarter – Chargers get the ball on their own seven and don’t do anything.  They were lucky to not give up a safety.  Have to punt.  Broncos get the ball on the Charger 48.  Sorry for the delay, I actually have to work to today.  I have hits for Sporting News and the Jets Radio Broadcast so I got that going on.  Ooooh what a catch by Brandon Marshall.  He is up for this game and playing well.  If you get an opportunity, find a replay of the last catch.  Wow!!! He had a guy all over him.  Broncos are dominating the Chargers right now.

10:42  2nd Quarter – Touchdown!!!!  Cutler to Tony Scheffler for 12 yards.

21 – 3 Broncos

10:28  2nd Quarter – Broncos getting hypnotized by their offense and forget about special teams.  Sproles goes 103 and three yards for a touchdown to cut the lead to 21 -10.

21 – 10 Broncos

9:48   2nd Quarter – Need to catch my breath.    “Wheew”.  What a great couple minutes of football.

7:13   2nd Quarter – I need a break and they won’t let me.  Young breaks of a 49 yard run and the Broncos offense is back in business.  Scheffler just dropped a pass that I was sure was a touchdown.  I’m not sure anyone can stop this offense if they don’t stop themselves.  San Diego’s defensive backs are not playing very well.

5:58   2nd Quarter – And as I say that they stop themselves.  Prater hits a 52 yard field goal though and the Broncos increase their lead.  If Prater can hit those 50+ yarders consistently, people won’t be thinking about Elam very much.

24 – 10 Broncos

3:36   2nd Quarter – Chargers on the move and getting some help from the refs.  I’m thinking they felt about about not being able to look at the Challenge that led to the first Denver touchdown.   It helps as Chris Chambers beats Champ Bailey for the 48 yard touchdown.  Chargers are definitely showing that they have a lot of pride.

24 – 17 Broncos

:08   2nd Quarter – Needed a break and a coke but I’m watching the Broncos put another one in the endzone with a touchdown from Cutler to Marshall.  Great catch and from my vantage point this is a catch.  The play was preceded by a catch for Marshall that he lateralled to another Bronco.  I’m loving this offense!  Time for a hot dog.

31 – 17 Broncos at the Half

15:00   3rd Quarter – Broncos kick it away to start the second half.  Sproles is the best offensive option for the Chargers after taking the kick for 41 yards.  I also notice he starts the 2nd half at tailback and gets 20 quick yards on 2 rushes.  The Chargers need to score on this opening drive and they seem to be showing that type of urgency.

11:45   3rd Quarter – Chargers still with the ball but it’s been Sproles, not Tomlinson who’s been playing.  Us press types are starting to wonder about the health of L.T.

10:44   3rd Quarter – Chargers get the touchdown with a pass from Rivers to Chambers for 15 yards.  The  Chargers are definitely still in this.  Bronco fans should be just a touch worried, particularly if the offense gets bogged down.

31 – 24 Broncos

9:42   3rd Quarter – And the Broncos promptly go 3 and out.  Don’t like punting to Sproles, but the special teams of Denver coralls him on the 22.

8:32   3rd Quarter – Toles takes it to the Broncos 5.  Worried yet?  This is a different Chargers offense in the 2nd half.

7:32   3rd Quarter – Broncos manage to hold the Chargers and San Diego settles for a field goal.  That has to be a boost for the Broncos who are reeling just a bit.

31 – 27 Broncos

6:14   3rd Quarter – Ummm.  The Broncos are a completely different offense in the 2nd half.  Seriously, they have changed from a high powered passing team to a run only team.  What’s up.  Fans are booing a second straight 3 and out.

3:58   3rd Quarter – Chargers are on the move again except that instead of Gates and L.T. its Chambers and Sproles.  Denver D needs to step up or the Broncos may be in trouble.  Another long run from Sproles but its called back due to holding.

1:43   3rd Quarter – Broncos have stepped up their D, but a interference call gives the Chargers a first down on the Broncos 23.

:02     3rd Quarter – Chargers keep clicking and have a first down on the Broncos 11 yard line.  Not a good quarter for Broncos fans.

End of the 3rd Quarter:  Broncos 31 and Chargers 24

14:11 4th Quarter – Well at least the Broncos kept the San Diego offense out of the endzone, but a 28 yard field goal by Kaeding pulls the Chargers to within one.

31 – 30 Broncos

14:08  4th Quarter – Denver’s offense back on the field and they definitely need to do something.  Eight yards on a first down pass to Selvin Young is better than they had been doing.  And now a pass to Brandon Marshall for a first down…the first of the second half for the Broncos.  Now another pass to Dan Graham for a second first down.  Why weren’t the Broncos passing earlier this half?

10:11  4th Quarter – Brandon Marshall catches his 14th pass which ties Rod Smith for a Broncos single game record.  Oh yeah, another first down for Denver.

9:13   4th Quarter – Cutler back to pass…runs right…fumbles….recovers….runs left….completes pass to Dan Graham for a gain.  A penalty on San Diego gives Denver a first down, but an exciting play nonetheless.

7:03   4th Quarter – Selvin Young rushes the ball down to the 11 for a first down.  Denver has shown some resilence with this drive.  It was getting to be touch and go there for awhile.  They do need to finish this drive off though.

4:22   4th Quarter – But Cutler is intercepted and the Chargers take it to the house.  And they get the two point conversion to make it 38 -31 and take the lead.  Wow!  I have to go down to the field.  We’ll chat later.

38 – 31 Chargers

FINAL 39 – 38 Broncos Win

Well that was exciting.  Worked the Chargers today and can’t say they were to happy.  Would you be?  That was the worst officiating that I have ever seen in my life.  Seriously.  Did the Broncos deserve to win?  Well, that’s an open question that I’m not going to touch with a 2000 foot pole.  I just hope not all the games are that exciting…or do I.

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