What to do in Denver when your…..

not a part of the “festivities.”

Well, for me this is a bit of a dilemma.

I am only about six blocks from the capital and it would be no problem for me to go down there and grab a few choice shots of the protests. I’m also very close to the Governor’s Mansion so it would be no problem to walk out my door and see what’s up over there. Finally, it’s actually not that hard to navigate around in Downtown Denver if you know which roads to take so a “safari” to LoDo really wouldn’t be too hard. There is so much interesting stuff that can be seen but do I feel like dealing with all this nonsense?

Not really.

There was a time once when, as a reporter, I would gladly, boldly even, pack my microphone and gas mask and jump headlong into the fray. These days I feel different. I’ve been teargassed more than once, I’ve rubbed elbows with protesters of all types. I’ve even spent twenty hour days covering events from the bowels of the Pepsi Center. Somehow, it just doesn’t have the allure it once did.

I’ve got the “been there done that” blues right now, but that may change.

I’ve heard James Lileks is in town.  Trying to find him and get him to come to the RMBB 5000 might just be the adventure that sets me walking downhill towards the action.

So if anyone see James Lileks, let him know that I’m keeping an eye out for him and would love to buy him a drink at the Cruise Room.

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