An observation in Boulder

I was in Boulder the other day and I made an observation.  It’s probably an obvious one, but I think it says a lot about people’s attitudes towards the United States.

As I was driving I noticed that people who have left leaning bumperstickers, you know the kind, never have American flag bumper stickers as well.  They my have Tibeten flags, Cuban flags, or old Soviet flags (I did see one), but not American.  Conversely, people who had American flags never had left leaning bumper stickers.

This simple observation showed me a lot more about how people view the United States than any other indicator.  It became clear to me that folks who tend to lean left think a lot less of this country than right leaning people.

Does this mean they lefties are less patriotic, or less loving of this country?  I won’t say that, but it sure seemed to me like there is a lack of appreciation for the U.S. and all the good this country has done for the world.

Not a radical observation for sure, but a pretty important one to me.

One response to “An observation in Boulder”

  1. Or people on the right tend to think that being patriotic means symbolism like flag pins and bumper stickers and don’t really care when real damage is being inflicted on our country.

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