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Education success story

The school I coach at seems to have gotten it right

D.S.S.T.’s first senior class has had every member be accepted to a four year college.  A remarkable feat!  Additionally, the school has a diverse makeup…

the senior class is 60 percent minority, 50 percent will be the first in their families to go to college and 40 percent are low-income.

Why the success?  Well the school is hard, but caring.  They don’t teach to a “test” but teach for life.  The CSAPS take care of themselves.  The school makes the kids understand that excuses are just that.  They learn quickly that success and failure is a personal choice.

I won’t lie.  I hurts my team to have kids missing practice because of tutoring, or internship programs, or mock trial preparation, or some other activity.  But I’d rather have a bad team with a bunch of future lawyers and doctors than a great team with kids only interested in “getting to the pros.”  For me, the best type of player is a smart player.  Smarts trump talent in most cases.

This is not to say my teams are bad, we’re not.  And that’s the great thing.  We get our wins and I have the privilege of working with our future’s best and brightest.

Not too bad a situation if you ask me.

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