Do as they say, not as they do

This is hysterical….

The way things are going, Boulder will only make it about halfway to its goal of cutting enough greenhouse gases to comply with the Kyoto Protocol, according to a memo released by the city staff Wednesday. 

I think this says a lot more about the Kyoto Protocol then Boulder, but still, not even halfway to being compliant? I guess this should stop them preaching to the rest of us.  But there’s a reason that cuts even more to the heart of this issue.

So far, the city’s approach to emission reduction has relied heavily on marketing and subsidies — most of which are offered in conjunction with Xcel Energy or Boulder County — to convince people to take voluntary actions, including retrofitting their homes, driving less and buying wind-power offsets. The Office of Environmental Affairs would also dump the majority of new money into reducing greenhouse gases through energy efficiency.

So all the money the city is getting to become compliant is on marketing and offsets?  So they’re not doing anything, anything that is except patting themselves on the back for looking like they’re doing something.  How typical.  Of course the only way for Boulder to get to their goals is to drastically raise taxes and force people to live a certain way.  They even want to limit house sizes.    Of course when Boulderites are forced to actually enact all these “rules” they say they live by, watch how quickly they backtrack.  Boulder is the ultimate “feel good” community, they will support anything until it stops them from “feeling good” about their individual lives then it just goes away. 

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