Daily Archives: February 28, 2008

Teach your children…well

Some bad ideas you see coming a mile away….

Generally speaking, most home-schoolers follow a traditional curriculum of math, science and social studies.

Much of their education is guided by textbooks and scheduled lesson plans.

Flip that whole notion over, and you have unschooling.

If unschoolers wake up one morning with an interest in horse training, salamanders or ancient Chinese dynasties, that is what they study. Their sources could be the Internet, museums, farms, library books, movies or professionals in their field of interest.

Another definition for this is goofing off. I mean I can see the lure of just letting the kids do whatever, but it seems to me that telling kids to do whatever really teaches them to do one thing and that’s become a bum or aspire to be like Caine from “Kung Fu“.

Seriously, it totally sounds like these kids are being trained to be pot smokers. “Mom, I got an idea. Let’s go grab, like, an ounce of great bud, climb to third Flatiron, and watch the sun set.

Well Son, that sounds so cool…and this nothing bad could ever happen.

But hey, Boulder never has too many Rainbow Children banging drums on the Pearl Street mall, bumming change and sleeping in the bushes.


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