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Teach your children…well

Some bad ideas you see coming a mile away….

Generally speaking, most home-schoolers follow a traditional curriculum of math, science and social studies.

Much of their education is guided by textbooks and scheduled lesson plans.

Flip that whole notion over, and you have unschooling.

If unschoolers wake up one morning with an interest in horse training, salamanders or ancient Chinese dynasties, that is what they study. Their sources could be the Internet, museums, farms, library books, movies or professionals in their field of interest.

Another definition for this is goofing off. I mean I can see the lure of just letting the kids do whatever, but it seems to me that telling kids to do whatever really teaches them to do one thing and that’s become a bum or aspire to be like Caine from “Kung Fu“.

Seriously, it totally sounds like these kids are being trained to be pot smokers. “Mom, I got an idea. Let’s go grab, like, an ounce of great bud, climb to third Flatiron, and watch the sun set.

Well Son, that sounds so cool…and this nothing bad could ever happen.

But hey, Boulder never has too many Rainbow Children banging drums on the Pearl Street mall, bumming change and sleeping in the bushes.


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Another shock for Boulder

Oh no!

Over the years, Boulder has racked up its share of top magazine rankings.

The city’s been named the best place to live, work, play and even retire by outdoor, travel and business magazines. And just last week, Boulder was crowned the “smartest city” by Forbes magazine.

The one thing Boulder didn’t clench this year: being a green city.

To much surprise, Popular Science magazine left the eco-friendly city off its “America’s 50 Greenest Cities” list in the March issue.

Boulder was beaten out by Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; Denver; and even New York City.

It gets very tiresome for these folks to scream and yell about global warming and saving the environment.  It is doubly tiresome when they don’t practice what they preach. Maybe it’s time for these Boulderites to start walking the walk, and quit talking about everyone else so much.

And seriously, you gotta try hard to be less green than NYC.

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How to ruin Valentine’s Day for everyone

This is a good start…

NORTHGLENN — Undercover police officers posing as flower deliverymen on Valentine’ Day arrested 23 people with outstanding warrants.

The Northglenn officers used a van with a sign saying “Flower Delivery” and knocked on doors bearing a long-stem rose box to net their quarry.

I just hope someone brings this story up when a real flower delivery person gets assaulted by someone thinking it’s a cop rather than a gift.  Can’t the cops stick to the “free boat” stings made popular on “The Simpsons“?

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No shock here

A conservative candidate for president is rejected by faculty and students in Boulder?

Bruce Benson is not the right man to lead the University of Colorado, organizations representing both CU faculty members and students decided separately Thursday.

The Boulder Faculty Assembly voted 40-4 against a motion to support Benson, an oil executive and Republican political activist, as president of the CU system. Three others abstained.

It should be noted that Benson donated enough money to the University to build a new school.  That seems to be a lot more than these predictably whiny groups have done for the school.

Their rejection of Benson makes him the ideal choice in my opinion.

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Impeachme…..well, nevermind

Isn’t this how these things always go?

A move to draft a Boulder City Council resolution supporting the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney likely won’t get enough support to get off the ground Tuesday.

All hat and no cattle…again.  Seriously folks!

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Busy Busy Me

Let’s see…

Working the Public Relations gig, had a guest in town, shoveling snow, organizing my wedding, getting ready for soccer season, getting back into working out, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, New Year, and everything else is taking up my time.  I haven’t gone away though.

I promise

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