Why nannies aren’t better than parents

They’ve got to be kidding

An armed law enforcement team broke down the door of a family home with a battering ram and took an 11-year-old to a hospital after authorities feared he was not getting proper medical care for what turned out to be a minor head injury.

Garfield County’s All Hazards Response Team raided the home Friday night, a day after Jon Shiflett fell after grabbing the handle of a moving car. Someone — possibly a neighbor — called paramedics.

Jon’s father, Tom Shiflett, 62, told paramedics he didn’t want them to treat Jon and asked them to leave. He told them he had served as a medic in Vietnam and he had the skill to treat his son.

So a neighbor calls an ambulance and because the family doesn’t want the help they go to a judge…get a court order for the kid ordering him to a doctor…drive to the house….and break down the door?  The best part is what the doctor prescribed as the treatment.

Following the raid, a doctor recommended Jon be given fluids, Tylenol and ice to treat the bruises, according to a copy of the child’s patient aftercare instructions.

So the family was right all along.  Incredible.  If this was my family I would be suing the neighbor, the judge, the paramedics, the town, the county, and everyone else I could think of.   This is a classic example of people needing a lesson in minding their own business.

One response to “Why nannies aren’t better than parents”

  1. That is just craziness if I have ever heard it…or read it in this case. This is definitely an example of how we can not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of thinking the government knows how to run our lives better than we do! That kind of thinking leads to bureaucracies like this who presume to know what your family needs more than you do and neighbors too busy making sure you run your life according to their morals and values to see the fallacies of trying to protect people from themselves.

    Great post! Keep up the good work!


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