A bengal tiger is not a pet

Especially in Colorado….

On Wednesday afternoon, Division of Wildlife officers and Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputies removed a Bengal tiger cub from the home of Patrick Michael on South Fillmore Circle.

I’m opposed to this not because of the tiger’s welfare, but the people’s.  I don’t know about y’all, but I wouldn’t want that tiger looking for a late night snack in the house four years from now because people become snacks.  What if that thing got out?  The tiger would do more damage to neighborhood pet population than a Vietnamese family (as told to me by my Vietnamese friend).

I remember when I was a kid, there was a lion living in a cage behind my grandparents house in Burbank California.  I remember staring at that thing in awe, while it looked at me….hungrily.  My family was careful not to let me get too close to the lion, but I wonder what would have happened if the lion escaped.  It would have been Darren tartar for sure.  So during this holiday season I give you a proverb.

The man who owns pets that see him as dinner owns nothing.  Not even the meat on his bones.

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