Castro said….

In a letter read on state television on Monday, Fidel Castro said he does not intend to cling to power forever or stand in the way of a younger generation.

Thank goodness.  After nearly 50 years in power I was beginning to wonder….

2 responses to “What a relief”

  1. When we visited Cuba last May, we rented a scooter and eventually got to a small village. After using my rudimentary spanish and a lot of hand gestures, we had a very enlightening discussion with the locals.

    There were neither police nor soldiers in sight (I saw maybe a handful during the course of the week near playa Esmerelda in Holguin province.) and our hosts were unanimous in their admiration of Fidel and a genuine concern for his well-being. Despite their dirth of consumer goods, they were all healthy and happy and only worried that after his death they might not be able to maintain the style of life and obvious benefits of freedom and education that they prized.

  2. peter,
    if you think nobody was keeping an eye on you, and your contacts, you’re rather too naive for this world. start criticizing fidel and you’d find yourself being charged with “being a cia spy” in a heartbeat. “internal security” in totalitarian states does not play by your rules.

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