The real problem with the CNN/YouTube debate plants

I don’t much care about these debates and haven’t watched any of them because I get my info on the candidates from different sources, but I’m troubled by this CNN/YouTube debate for one reason.

As a Republican, I have some real issues and questions about these candidates that I would like them to address, and I know I’m not alone on this.  Yet, when I see CNN deciding to use nearly a third, a third, of the questions on Democratic operatives asking obviously democratic questions, it frustrates me to no end because it doesn’t help me, and other Republican voters, make an informed choice about who I am going to vote for in a primary…something these plants won’t be doing.

By using so many questions on plants, CNN managed to shut out thousands of real Republicans who had real questions for the Republican candidates in order to make a real decision about who their candidate is going to be, and CNN threw those folks under the bus.  I wonder if any people sent in Flat Tax questions, or School Voucher questions, or even Pork Buster questions.  I also imagine there were some Gun Control questions by people who didn’t cock their gun in mid question, or look like they were on their way to their former workplace.  I bet they did and CNN torpedoed them.

It seems CNN is not only engaging in shoddy journalism, but is actively trying to interfere with Republican citizens trying to engage in the political process and make the most informed choice possible.

I wish they’d stop trying to take our choice for our candidate out of our hands.

Here’s a note to CNN.

Look you nimrods!  You’ll have plenty of time to ask Republicans all about gay marriage, abortion, stem cells, Iraq, and the like.  Could you at least give us the opportunity to pick our own candidate please?  It would make a lot of us Republicans think much more highly of you.  I mean, I’m sure you’d be pretty upset if all the Democratic debates were filled with people asking the candidates all about bribery, missing classified documents, voter fraud, and suspect campaign donations.  Particularly if they were, you know, working with Republican candidate campaigns.

So stop it please.  Right now.



Half the country

I imagine if they started hosting real debates, I might actually watch.

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