will stay with you forever

Duane Harms died Sunday, losing a battle to a brain tumor. Some will remember him as a father, others as a school district electrician. But many will think of Harms and remember Dec. 14, 1961.

In the spring of 1962, Duane Harms left Colorado with his wife and baby daughter, determined to get away from the heartache of Dec. 14, 1961 – the day his school bus collided with a high-speed passenger train.

Over the years he found satisfaction as a school district electrician and contentment collecting gems and minerals, but he couldn’t escape tragedy in his personal life.

And he never shook the burden of having been at the wheel of a school bus in the worst traffic accident in Colorado history – a collision that killed 20 children and injured 16 others, several seriously.

Remember this guy if you decide to tailgate, or speed, or drive aggressively, or drink too much during this holiday season.

You may live to regret it.  It’s a lesson for all of us.

I only hope this guy finally found some peace.

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