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Considering the amazing streaks for the teams whose uniforms they wore, the National League MVP race had to be this close.

There could be no other finish.

But Philadelphia shortstop Jimmy Rollins, all 5-foot-8 of him, stood taller than Colorado’s Matt Holliday and Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder, as the Baseball Writers’ Association of America announced the results of its final individual award given out this season.

Let me get this straight.  The Rockies have the best defense in the history of baseball and get no Gold Gloves.  Their team makes the greatest late season run in the history of baseball but their manager is not the best.  Now the guy who has one of the best offensive seasons in a stadium not as run happy as others doesn’t win the MVP.

This is why the rest of the country doesn’t like the east coast.  It’s because they have no clue.  I’ll give Rollins the MVP, but no Gold Gloves?  Pathetic.

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Great news about stem cells

A breakthrough

Scientists have made ordinary human skin cells take on the chameleon-like powers of embryonic stem cells, a startling breakthrough that might someday deliver the medical payoffs of embryo cloning without the controversy.

Excellent news!  Look, I’m not the most conservative about abortion, but I think this is an excellent development.  I’ve always been unsettled about people, even ones not born yet, giving their bodies to science without their consent.   This development also makes it much harder for people who advocate for embyonic stem cell research to claim the moral high ground…not that they had it anyway.

By the way, you think this advancement still happens if President Bush doesn’t force this issue?  I certainly don’t think so.  Way to go Mr. President.

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will stay with you forever

Duane Harms died Sunday, losing a battle to a brain tumor. Some will remember him as a father, others as a school district electrician. But many will think of Harms and remember Dec. 14, 1961.

In the spring of 1962, Duane Harms left Colorado with his wife and baby daughter, determined to get away from the heartache of Dec. 14, 1961 – the day his school bus collided with a high-speed passenger train.

Over the years he found satisfaction as a school district electrician and contentment collecting gems and minerals, but he couldn’t escape tragedy in his personal life.

And he never shook the burden of having been at the wheel of a school bus in the worst traffic accident in Colorado history – a collision that killed 20 children and injured 16 others, several seriously.

Remember this guy if you decide to tailgate, or speed, or drive aggressively, or drink too much during this holiday season.

You may live to regret it.  It’s a lesson for all of us.

I only hope this guy finally found some peace.

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If you’ve been to a Denver Blogger Bash you’d know


In the upcoming December issue of Men’s Health, Denver is again named the No. 1 drunkest city — and to put a capper on it, we’re the “most dangerously drunk city.”

I’m feeling kind of mixed on this one, but I’m not opposed to drinking as long as theirs no driving. Remember, if you’re gonna be a drinker, be a safe, non-obnoxious drinker, and remember to read your bible.

I must point this out…

Colorado Springs comes in as the third drunkest city.

There’s only one reason they’re #3, it’s the one we call “the Liver“.

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