Broncos v Titans Monday Night Football

Not fun getting here late and finding you’ve got more work to do, but anyway…..

Titans move the ball but get stopped, then the Broncos go 80 yards for a touchdown. A very nice play.

Now it’s Tennessee’s turn.

And another punt. What’s going on with the Broncos tonight. It’s o.k. they have plenty of time to blow this….and a td punt return.

WOW!! 80 yards by Glenn Martinez!!! The definition of a fast start.

END OF THE FIRST QUARTER…14-0 Broncos. Didn’t see that coming. Let’s see if they can add to the lead and win comfortably at home for a change.

By the way…each new line is an UPDATE: Just so you know.

UPDATE: Titans score. Dang it! 14 – 7 Broncos.

UPDATE: Broncos score a field goal….yes a score, but they should be disappointed. More trouble in the red zone. Gotta turn those into touchdowns. 17-7 Broncos.

UPDATE: The Broncos let up lots of yards, but the Titans fumble it. The Broncos take it down the field but only get a field goal. 20-7 Broncos.

UPDATE: So the Broncos call a timeout on a 56 yard field goal. He missed, but gets a second shot and makes it. This is the reason they won’t outlaw the whole “calling a timeout to ice the kicker”. You take a chance when you call the timeout. Gambling doesn’t always work. By the way, 20-10 Broncos.

UPDATE: Halftime. Time to get some ice cream, and hot dog, and chips, and maybe a cookie, oh yeah, and something to drink. Be back in a while.

UPDATE: Awesome halftime show…dogs hurdle racing. That was fun. Time for the second half.

UPDATE: Nice drive by the Broncos to start second half. Finish it with a 41 yard strike to Brandon Marshall. 27-10 Broncos.

UPDATE: Broncos force a punt..and then fumble. Not good. Martinez is lucky he scored a touchdown on a punt before, or he might have been seeing a waiver.

UPDATE: It sure looked like Young scored, but they don’t review it and Young gets knocked out of bounds…But Denver calls timeout. Timeout? Why? They’ll review this and Young will get a touchdown. Two stupid timeouts to keep Tennessee in the game. Sheesh.

UPDATE: Young did score a touchdown. So lets see, the Broncos lose a timeout, lose the fourth down, lose the challenge, and the Titans score. Not good. Broncos still lead though, 27-17.

UPDATE: Selvin Young is having a tough game. He has a sprained knee and his return is questionable. No word on John Lynch and his injury.

UPDATE: Titans add another field goal to make it 27-20 Broncos. Feeling nervous? Yeah, me too.

UPDATE: Not anymore thanks to Andre Hall and his 62 yard TD run. 34-20 Broncos.

UPDATE: Surfing the web and thought this might be fun.

UPDATE: Titans drive down the field and get intercepted by Dre Bly. That’s been the story of the Titans tonight, move the ball and don’t score.

UPDATE:  About 4:00 minutes left and it’s time for me to head down to the locker rooms.  Should be fun.

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