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Rox v Sox!!!!

Just so I can be the first person to write it.  I guarantee I won’t be the last so I better start coming up with all the words that rhyme with Rox and Sox….who’s teams both have JOCKS….and stand in the batters BOX…

…o.k. I’ll stop now cause it’s late…looking at my CLOCK.

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Broncos v Steelers

I’m at the game but not very interested. I’m watching baseball and hockey….I can’t believe I just typed that but it’s true….anyway it’s 7 – 0 Steelers. Let’s see if the Broncos show some fight.

UPDATE: Oh my God a touchdown!!!!! 15 yards to Brandon Stokley. Wow, I’m in shock, not Rockies win the pennant shock , but shock none the less.

UPDATE: With :10 seconds left in the first quarter…the Broncos aren’t behind. That’s a win in my book. 7-7 end of one.

UPDATE: Still 7 – 7 in the second quarter. There have been some interceptions and some tackles, but the big news is the Broncos are still NOT losing.

UPDATE: I don’t know who peed in the Broncos water bottles but they just took the lead. I can’t believe it, and neither can the 20,000 Steeler fans in attendance. Wow, Broncos up 14 – 7.

UPDATE: Dumervil gets the sack and Crowder picks up the fumble? Well he does and takes it to the house. 21-7 Broncos. Too bad the game goes 4 quarters instead of 2.

UPDATE: Is it just me or does Mike Tomlin look like Omar Epps? Just Sayin’.

UPDATE: Don’t know what happened but the Denver defense looks fired up. You don’t suppose they didn’t like all that extra running the last two weeks? They look inspired. Nice to see. Pittsburgh trying a field goal with :03 seconds left. And it’s no good. Dre Bly returns it…for nothing. End of the first half Denver 21 and Pittsburgh 3. Time for some more ice cream.

UPDATE: Start of the second half and the Broncos are still winning. I repeat, the Broncos are still winning.

UPDATE: The Steelers score and the optimism of every Bronco fan goes just a bit dimmer.

UPDATE: Broncos driving but Cutler…FUMBLES!!! Lucky to get that one back.

UPDATE: A nice catch by Stokley for a first down. Stokley and Marshall have both had nice games so far. The Broncos need to punch it in for a touchdown this drive….Marshall makes a nice effort and gets it down to the 1.

UPDATE: Cutler throws another 1 yard TD to a tight end to make the score 28 – 14. All the Steeler fans weren’t expecting this….and neither were the Broncos fans to tell the truth.

UPDATE: Steelers score again…what is this Boise State v Nevada? 28 – 21 Broncos still lead.

UPDATE: It’s starting to snow. Yea!!!!

UPDATE: Steelers driving with 5 minutes left to play. Denver can’t seem to stop them. This could be key.

UPDATE: Time to go downstairs. Talk later.

UPDATE:  Well that was lucky, and exciting.  A good win against a quality opponent…just what the Broncos needed.

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