Broncos v. Chargers…the “when are the Rox playing next” edition

Let’s see. LaDainian Tomlison against a terrible rush defense. Not a good recipe for Denver.

On a positive note, the national anthem was song by something called “Face”

UPDATE: The Broncos are moving the ball….but let’s see what happens when they hit the red zone.

UPDATE: Travis Henry is running as if this will be his last game….well, I guess because it could be. But a punt nonetheless.

Here comes L.T. (cue scary music)

UPDATE: The Denver Defense was promising…for the first two plays. The Chargers score and it looked way to easy. Rivers on a bootleg? Eek. Bad sign for the Bronx. Say, is there a Rockies game on tonight…There’s also the Avs.

UPDATE: And the Broncos fans are booing already.

UPDATE: And the Broncos receive the kick…fumble it and have it returned for a touchdown. Now the fans are really booing. Good news it’s October, this is gonna be a horror show.

UPDATE: Another kickoff. Let’s see Brian Clark can hang onto the football this time. The kick goes out of the endzone. I call that a win for the Broncos.

UPDATE: I just remembered that Norv Turner coaches San Diego. Maybe there is still hope in this game. Broncos moving again….between the 20’s…and another fumble.

Great…just great. Need to go check to see if we can drink in the press box.

UPDATE: LT left, LT right, come on Broncos put up some kind of fight. Just Sayin’.

UPDATE: Ooh a timeout by the Broncos. I call that another win.

UPDATE: The end of the first quarter. Another Broncos win. They’re on a streak. But really. The Broncos look as ugly as the middle aged, overweight woman wearing chaps at a pregame tailgate party I was at today.

UPDATE: I’m sensing a recurring theme at today’s game. LaDanian Tomlinson getting lots of yards and Broncos fans booing on every play. Just for the record L.T. 38 yards rushing and 68 yards receiving.

UPDATE: The Broncos hold San Diego to a field goal and are only down 17 – 0. Broncos gotta feel good about that.

UPDATE: Another note to make all the Bronco fans happy. Champ Bailey is hurt, but his return is probable. Oh and Denver didn’t fumble the kickoff away. Yea!!!!

UPDATE: So the Broncos get a first down, but called a timeout before the play in order to negate it. Nice. At least they didn’t fumble it….the timeout I mean.

UPDATE: It’s snowing…or raining, but either way it’s cold. Glad I’m inside.

UPDATE: The Broncos get a stop, but were offsides. Try again and the Broncos hold! The Broncos hold! Oh my goodness the Broncos hold the Chargers to a punt. And they didn’t fumble.

UPDATE: The Broncos get two first downs in a row. Can they put it in the endzone? I’m not sure because they are in the redzone where Bronco drives go to die.

UPDATE: Worst thought of the day. If the Broncos lose the Raiders will be atop the AFC West.

UPDATE: Broncos score! A field goal. Why can’t they score touchdowns like every other team in the NFL does when they get closer than the 20 yard line?

UPDATE: Is it possible the Broncos can stop the Chargers before the half? Not likely after the Broncos let up a huge play. A San Diego field goal, but a penalty so lets try it again. Got it so the halftime score is Chargers 20, Broncos 3. Lots of booing fans. Time for a hotdog.

UPDATE: Starting the second half and amazingly the Broncos didn’t get scored on at half time. Another “win”.

UPDATE: It’s starting to get really dark. Maybe the snow will stop the Chargers, goodness knows the Broncos aren’t.

UPDATE: Two San Diego penalties in a row? What is going on? And then a stop? Goodness!

UPDATE: 2nd and 33 and the Chargers complete a bomb for a first down. That’s not good.

UPDATE: In all seriousness, the Broncos are really lucky this game isn’t 30 – 0. Terrible defense, bad penalties, and no offense is not a good recipe for victory.

UPDATE: Bailey injury aggravated return questionable, and then a Antonio Gates TD. The score is now 27 – 3. It’s gonna get worse. Luckily the Avs’ game starts in an hour. Did I mention the Rockies are in the NLCS? Yes, let us all think about the Rockies.

UPDATE: Broncos get the ball back and….you guessed it, FUMBLED!!! Chargers take it back to the 6 yard line. Broncos are challenging which is something they haven’t done to the Chargers all day. They may just overrule this as his knee was down. Small comfort when you’re down by 24.

UPDATE: Overruled! But the bad news is the Broncos get the ball back and will probably fumble the next play.

UPDATE: As the snow storm keeping coming in, the wrappers flying around are making Invesco look like New York during a ticker tape parade. It looks really cold. I’m not sure I want to go on the field.

UPDATE: What did I tell ya. Broncos get intercepted. I think the only folks wanting to be on the field less than me are the Broncos.

UPDATE: Best line by a fan “you suck Gates” just as he catches a long pass. The storm is here now and the empty seats are numerous. The fans might not even boo the people who didn’t show in the first place.

UPDATE: Sorry, I was reading a book, but the Chargers scored again so it’s 34 – 3. At least it’s the 4th quarter. Too bad this game isn’t hockey and there were periods because then the game would be over.

UPDATE: The fans are leaving in droves. In fact, it looks like a Colorado Outlaws lacrosse game.

UPDATE: The Broncos stopped the Chargers and all 5000 fans who remain are happy. The Broncos blocked the punt! Where was this two quarters ago…oh yea that was only the second Charger punt of the game.

UPDATE: Travis Henry just got smoked, he got hit, he got bowl-ed over, the fans are not his “buds”…or insert your own drug related pun.

UPDATE: Well this must take a little bit of pain away from San Diego losing that one game playoff in Coors Field, so I think they deserve a little fun. Oh yeah, the Chargers scored again, making it 41 – 3. This is going to be the worst loss for the Broncos since being edged out by the Raiders 50-something to 7 when Wade Phillips coached the team. Yikes. It should be a fun locker room.

UPDATE: I will say this. The fans who have stayed for this game and are still cheering are true Bronco fans. Watching the Bronx get blown out in a cold rain is a tough chore that most folks wouldn’t, and didn’t finish.

UPDATE: Alright, I’ve had enough. Time to head to the locker room. After that we will never speak of this again.

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