Broncos v. Jacksonville + bonus Rockies coverage

Not a blog, or glog…just observations from the press box.

A nice overcast day for football. Can Jay Cutler score touchdowns? Can the Broncos win before the last play? Will Jacksonville spoil the party? Will Jessica Tate make an appearance?

Tune in to Soap….or The Broncos!

By the way, this makes me happy.

UPDATE: A key stop by the Broncos with a sack by….Alvin McKinley? He’s been in the league for eight years but I’ve never heard of him. Great going Alvin!!!

UPDATE: The Broncos can’t do anything, but boy can Sauerbraun kid punt. 61 yards! Egad!!

UPDATE: Attention! If anyone’s seen the Broncos defense, please call Invesco Field. Stat!

UPDATE: The Broncos had possession for 1:58 in the first quarter. I don’t think that’s very good.

UPDATE: I just updated the updates.

UPDATE: The Broncos can’t stop the Jaguars even with 12 men on the field, so it’s 7 – 0 Jags.

UPDATE: By the way, that was an 18 play, 80 yard drive. Yikers!

UPDATE: The Broncos look awful on offense, except for that looonnngggg throw to Brandon Marshall. Cutler can sure sling the pig, that’s for sure. Yes, I said “sling the pig.”

UPDATE: Mike Bell can’t be losing ground while wearing 30 on Terrell Davis day. Brandon Marshoall is rapidly becoming a special player. I wish I could show you the run he just had. Excuse me while I pick up my jaw.

UPDATE: Touchdown Broncos! By Nate Jackson, from Menlo College, who had an Afghan QB, Zamir Amin, throwing to him while at Menlo. There’s a fact you won’t see anywhere else. Also it’s his first career TD catch.

UPDATE: Look! I’m multi-tasking! The Rox are tied with the Padres in the 4th. Hawpe just singled. Go Rox!

UPDATE: Spilbourgh triples in Hawpe and the Rockies go up 2-0. Yea!!!! The Jaguars are on the Bronco four yard line. Not so yea.

UPDATE: John Lynch has a groin pull and is questionable. Ouch! Greg Jones scores for Jacksonville. Double Ouch! Jacksonville leads 14 – 7.

UPDATE: Torrealba singles for the Rox and scores Spillbourgh. 3-1 Rockies. Yea!

UPDATE: Why do I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster?

UPDATE: Selvin Young with a great run. Yea! But he fumbles. Not so yea! Dang roller coaster. Dang Broncos. They better clean up the mistakes if they want a chance to win on the final play again.

UPDATE: Matsui walks to load bases, then Tulo sac flies to center and scores Torrealba. 4-1 Rockies in the fourth. At least someone’s doing something. I mean except for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They’re on the 9 yard line.

UPDATE: Helton singles in Sullivan. 5-1 Rox. Yea. Broncos trying to stop the bleeding with 11 seconds left in the first half with J-ville on the one yard line.

UPDATE: Jaguars kick field goal and lead 17 – 7. Not good, but it’s early.

UPDATE: The stadium crew is playing “Green Onions” which is appropos because the Broncos stink right now. Rockies smell much better after their 4 run fourth.

UPDATE: The Broncos need to come out strong to start the second half…and fumble! Not good! Challenge doesn’t work. Really not good!

UPDATE: Broncos limit damage to field goal. 20 – 7 Jaguars. Did I mention the Rockies are up 5-1 going into the 6th inning?

UPDATE: Broncos go three and out. If I didn’t have to ask the players questions after the game, I’d be out of here. Sauerbraun had another nice punt though. At least somethings going right for the Broncos.

UPDATE: Still looking for the Broncos’ defense. Call 911 if you see it wandering around.

UPDATE: Hey! A fumble! Welcome to the game defense.

UPDATE: Garrett Atkins has an inside the park home run to make the Rox score 6 – 1 in the 7th. Broncos are driving also. double yea!

UPDATE: The Broncos spend all three timeouts and go with the QB sneak. Terrible play call. Broncos look terrible. Go Rockies!

UPDATE: Hey a touchdown. Couldn’t talk more, I was schmoozing with Irv Brown.

UPDATE: Jags driving and a pass interference on Denver makes it 1st and goal on the one. Not looking good for the Broncos. Rockies are still up in the 8th. Oh and the Broncos recover a fumble. Looking better for the Broncos, still bad, but better.

UPDATE: Going for it on fourth? Yikes. Not making it. Double yikes. Bad penalty? Ball game yikes!

UPDATE: I’ve had enough. I’m going downstairs to ask some questions like “What’s up with that?” and other stuff.

UPDATE:  An ugly loss for the Broncos.  They need to get better.  On the bright side, maybe the Denver mojo is all flowing for the Rockies, who won again today, and they can get into the playoffs.  Only 1 1/2 games back baby.

Oh yea.  The Broncos better get better in a hurry cause their at Indy next week.

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