About those metal detectors

I was wondering where they were last time I visited the State Capitol.  They could have come in handy yesterday….

The Capitol does not have metal detectors at its entrances, and the public is able to come and go without security checks. Metal detectors that were installed in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were removed in 2003.

Snyder reportedly stood at the north end of the first floor as though he was going to take a tour. One witness saw him on a knee in the corner, praying.

Then he walked into the governor’s office, where he again made the emperor pronouncement. He had a gun, extra bullets in his pocket and a set of headphones apparently designed to muffle the sound of gunfire.

State troopers rushed toward the office. One tried to coax Snyder out into the hallway. But the man would not drop his pistol, and Trooper Jay Hemphill opened fire. Several witnesses would later describe hearing four shots.

Snyder fell dead onto the marbled floor, blood pouring from his wound, just a few steps inside the Capitol’s north doors.

I’ve never understood why they took those metal detectors out.  It’s not like the politicians who work there are inaccessible.  How about a little caution.  The Guv said he still wants the Capitol to be the people’s house, but you can still have people there, just check them out before they go inside.

I also wanted to give a “shout out” to the folks that decided in 2003 that they didn’t need those metal detectors anymore.  Great work people!

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