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What a tragedy….

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A minor league baseball coach died after being struck in the head by a line drive as he stood in the first-base coach’s box during a game, police said.

I feel for everyone involved, the family, the teams, and the guy who hit the line drive.  Hopefully this will serve as an awful reminder for those folks in the expensive seats at Coors Field and other baseball stadiums who feel the need to chat instead of paying attention to the baseball game.

My condolences to everyone involved.

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It makes me wish I had a lawn

I might have to have one installed on my condo deck.  No really…..

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One lawn care company is showing a little skin to boost business.

The women of Tiger Time Lawn Care offer to mow customers’ lawns dressed in bikinis — a service that attracts more attention to the ladies than the lawns.

I think my girlfriend would get suspicious if I was spending $1000 a month on lawn care.  I’d have a heck of a putting green though, and it’s better than the alternatives.

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Why I don’t live in Boulder

Because of stuff like this

I’m not talking just about the lady, but about the attorney egging her on, the neighbors not talking, the police actually responding, the number of commentors to this story. The pettiness of it all has long since put me off to my native town.

And if you think this is out of the ordinary, think again.  I have tons of other stories.

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About those metal detectors

I was wondering where they were last time I visited the State Capitol.  They could have come in handy yesterday….

The Capitol does not have metal detectors at its entrances, and the public is able to come and go without security checks. Metal detectors that were installed in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were removed in 2003.

Snyder reportedly stood at the north end of the first floor as though he was going to take a tour. One witness saw him on a knee in the corner, praying.

Then he walked into the governor’s office, where he again made the emperor pronouncement. He had a gun, extra bullets in his pocket and a set of headphones apparently designed to muffle the sound of gunfire.

State troopers rushed toward the office. One tried to coax Snyder out into the hallway. But the man would not drop his pistol, and Trooper Jay Hemphill opened fire. Several witnesses would later describe hearing four shots.

Snyder fell dead onto the marbled floor, blood pouring from his wound, just a few steps inside the Capitol’s north doors.

I’ve never understood why they took those metal detectors out.  It’s not like the politicians who work there are inaccessible.  How about a little caution.  The Guv said he still wants the Capitol to be the people’s house, but you can still have people there, just check them out before they go inside.

I also wanted to give a “shout out” to the folks that decided in 2003 that they didn’t need those metal detectors anymore.  Great work people!

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Funny but wrong

This cracks me up….

Whoever said politics wasn’t sexy hasn’t googled Ed Perlmutter lately.

Porn pirates, it seems, have hijacked the 2006 campaign Web site of the first-term Congressman from Golden. And they are holding it hostage for more than $1,000.

Here’s his site.  I imagine there will be a new bill regarding internet hijacking proposed in the House in the next few days.

A lesson here is protect your web addresses even if you don’t plan on using it, cause you never know who might “porn up” your site.

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Just desserts

A laugh out loud moment for me….

There were flashing lights atop his SUV and what appeared to be a police badge in his hand, but it was the man he tried to pull over who was the real police detective.

I can just imagine the looks on both their faces.

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Getting hung out to dry

Don’t accept bribes in China….

China executed the former head of its food and drug watchdog on Tuesday for approving untested medicine in exchange for cash, the strongest signal yet from Beijing that it is serious about tackling its product safety crisis.

During Zheng Xiaoyu’s tenure from 1998 to 2005, the State Food and Drug Administration approved six medicines that turned out to be fake, and the drug-makers used falsified documents to apply for approvals, according to previous state media reports. One antibiotic caused the deaths of at least 10 people.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this guy should have been “gotten the axe”.  I just didn’t think that was supposed to be taken literally.

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About that 7.7.07 Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash


The last thing I remembered was having to hiccup my address to the cabbie, and try to keep the “lemondropmurphyboddingtonsatleastthreetypesofwhiskey” concoction down, so I assume the RMBB was a success.

Plus no one was shot at, which is always a good thing.

By the way, Colorado is within the jurisdiction of the 10th Court of Appeals, in case you were interested, or chatting about that on Saturday night.  I’m here to help…really.

Also, you might want to hit up Dave’s tip jar.  His bill, like Barney Gumble had to be tabulated by NASA.

Overall, I’d have to give the latest Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash an eight “replaced livers” out of ten.  Not too shabby.

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