Helicopters everywhere; A tip for citizen journalists

…yesterday afternoon.  Now I know why.

A police officer and another man are both expected to be okay, after they were hit by an unmarked police car during a foot chase on Tuesday afternoon.
It all started when police were called about a robbery at First United Bank on East Colfax Avenue and Jersey Street.

Police say a man stole a car from a nearby home.

Officers caught up with the man a short distance away.

When the officer approached the car, the man ran. SKY9 was there as the foot chase began.

The officer knocked the man down about a half block later at East Colfax and Hudson. The man got up to run again and that is when the unmarked police car hit them both. The man was thrown several feet into the street and the officer went up on the hood.

Yikes!  I imagine there was a little chat between cop A and cop B about driving and braking.  Here’s the video.  Excellent!!

Meanwhile, here’s a tip though for all you budding reporters out there.  If you’re not sure about where news might be happening and you don’t have a police scanner, or a editor telling you where to go, look up in the air.  Usually a helicopter hovering overhead means that something interesting is going on.  Go check it out.  Realize it may be just traffic, but who knows.

If you see several helicopters hovering over one spot, that’s definitely news.  Just remember, stay out of the way of the cops.  You don’t want to get hassled…or in this case run over.

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