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This can’t be “4real”

Really, it can’t…

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – New Zealand authorities have blocked a couple’s bid to officially name their new son “4real,” saying numerals are not allowed.

I’m not into censorship at all, but think of the children…..the ones that will be teasing this kid, that is.

Didn’t Johnny Cash teach you anything?

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Rox stomp Yanks, sports cranks cry “foul”

…and I love it.

Jeff Francis struck out a career-best nine in seven solid innings, and Matt Holliday homered and drove in three runs to lead the Colorado Rockies past the New York Yankees 6-1 on Wednesday night.

These are some hot Rox! And those fellas from the Fan are feelin’ the heat. They’ve been talking about all the hate mail they’ve been getting, but to their credit, they know how to keep the streak alive. They’re still sticking this years team for past team’s ineptitude.


The second these guys start praising the team, the Rockies will go colder than a six-pack in iced salt water (tip from Mythbusters).
By the way, if the Rocks put the broom to the Bronx Bums today it’s FREE PIZZA at Johnny’s New York Pizza in Lakewood!! (I saw it on the news last night and called the station to confirm)

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