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Paul Potts wins it all

I would be remiss if I didn’t pass Paul Potts’ final performance.

As you read this, Paul’s probably in a studio somewhere.

Well Done!

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Don’t they remember?

Speaking of the Rockies, what do I find in the Denver Post today?  This nugget.

Hey, Charlie. As long as you’re up, would it be too much trouble to buy a little something for your loyal fans?

How about a pitcher? No, I don’t mean Coors Light. We’ve had our fill of a watered-down product around here. To be taken seriously, the Rockies need another strong arm in the starting rotation.

As the Geico Caveman says “Uh, What?”

To see how crazy this article is, we need to look at some Rockies history…

In 1995, the Rox opened up Coors Field and had their best season ever.  They led the division until late in the year and ended up winning the Wild Card.  Right before the All-Star Break, the Rockies made a blockbuster trade for a big name pitcher, Bret Saberhagen.  He was o.k., but got hurt and bolted for Boston.   Since then big name pitchers have been brought in. Mike Hampton, Bill Swift,  Denny Naegle, and Darryl Kile were all pitchers the Rockies paid, and overpaid, good money for.  In fact, the Rockies have been hamstrung by the salaries they’ve had to continue to pay for these pitchers who are a sad distant memory.

And what did these guys do for the Rockies?

Hampton (21-28), Swift (14-10), Neagle (19-23), Kile (21-30), and Saberhagen (2-1) combined for a whopping record of 77 wins and 92 losses.

Not good.

To quote George Santayana, “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”, but Mark Kiszla knows history, and he’s made a living on bashing the Rockies.  Heck, he’s the only guy I know who’s been banned even once from the Rox Clubhouse, and he’s been banned twice.  First, he was caught rifling through a former player’s locker…

The Baseball Writers Association of America has revoked its accreditation of Denver Post columnist Mike Kiszla for the rest of the season after he admitted examining pills from the locker of Colorado Rockies slugger Dante Bichette.

Then he got the whole staff for the Denver Post kicked out of the interview room after  this article.  I was in the interview room that night when Colorado Manager Clint Hurdle asked all Denver Post reporters to leave.  It’s getting old to be bashing a team based on personal issues rather than performance.

This recent Rockies upturn must be getting to him, poor guy.

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Flaks bash Rox, Rox bash back

The sports dudes in Denver keep ripping the Rockies, and I’m loving it….

Josh Fogg won for the first time at Coors Field this season, holding the New York Yankees to four hits over seven stellar innings in the Colorado Rockies’ 3-1 win Tuesday night.

It’s becoming really fun to watch the Rockies keep winning games the sports flaks continue to tell us they’re “not supposed” to win.

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