Please keep ripping the Rockies

I love the Rockies, but they have really sucked the last few years.  I know it, fans know it, even the Rockies know it.  Lately, however, the sports reporters in this town have really been giving it to the team, and the owners.  For the last couple weeks, AM 950 the Fan morning show has been ripping the Rockies, sending out a producer to “find” the owners to come on the show.

I guess the Rockies were listening.

Why?  Try these numbers.  The Rockies have 14 wins, 6 losses in their last 20 games.  They’ve won or tied their last 6 series (only blemish is a 2-2  home series against St Louis) including their last three road series.

The Rockies are still lagging, but they’re not in last place in the NL West anymore.  A real achievement over the last few years.

So, they’re in Boston right now.  They lost the first game 2-1 against knuckleballer Tim Wakefield.  I watched the replay only to see a ball start at a guy’s head and end up bouncing off the plate.  The knuckleball is an ugly pitch, and Wakefield is as good as anyone in history throwing the pitch.

Thank goodness the sports writers were there to help…..

The Rockies have been playing well of late, but they continue to R.I.P. with R.I.S.P.

Translation for the non-seamheads in the crowd: They’re struggling at the plate with runners in scoring position.

So what happens last night in the second game against the Sawx?  The Rox pound out 12 runs on 14 hits including a 3 run blast by Brad Hawpe off Boston starter Curt Schilling and a bases clearing double by Todd Helton.   They go into tonight’s game with a shot at winning their fourth straight road series.

Thank you Jim Armstrong!

Armstrong, by the way, is one of the best writers in the country, and a guy who I’ve known and worked with for years when I worked with Irv and Joe.

So to my colleagues (yes, colleagues.  I’m due to cover the Broncos yet again this year) in the sports press.  Keep blasting the Rockies, they need it.

Heck, if they keep enough heat on, the Rockies might make it to the World Series.

A guy can dream, right?

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