I take no joy when people die

This guy is an exception…

The getaway driver for the white supremacist group who murdered liberal Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg died in a Terre Haute, Indiana federal prison Monday.

As a person who worked, not only in Denver radio, but at KOA, I have always felt close to the Alan Berg murder. One of my ex-bosses was the board op for Berg the night he was killed. He told me stories of saying good night, then having to run live coverage of his murder the rest of the night. Other hosts had memories of the kindness of a man I would never meet, but felt I had known for years. People who knew him mourned him for years. Alan Berg’s murder was ingrained in every person who ever worked at KOA.

And why was he killed?

Because of his words. And because he was Jewish. Berg wasn’t the type of talk show host to back down from an argument. He would tell you exactly what he thought of you and your argument if he disagreed.

Lane and his cronies called lots. I’ve heard the tapes. Berg would always put them in their place, mocking them, making them look stupid, and they knew it. They couldn’t argue their case, or their cause, so they silenced the man could argue his, the only way they knew how. They gunned him down in his driveway.

A champion murdered by cowards .

I won’t celebrate Lane’s death. I never celebrate anyone’s demise, but I’ll certainly smile just a little as I think about someone getting their just desserts.

Good riddance. Today the world has become a better place.

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