Oh the humanity!!!

A terrible day…

Beer and asphalt are leaking from two train cars after they hit a parked engine during an early morning train move.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway says they were in the process of moving 34 beer cars in their rail yard when four of the cars slide back, colliding with a parked engine and asphalt cars.

How could Burlington Northern be so careless.  Don’t they know the harm to the community when things like this happen?  It gets worse

Three glass-lined tank cars carrying Coors beer were damaged and beer leaked from at least one of the cars onto the ground. The beer was headed from the Coors plant in Golden to its plant in Virginia.

Think of those poor Virginians who will be stuck drinking Miller, or Bud.  Eeewww!   Here are photos of the accident (not for the faint of heart).

I am now personally taking donations of Coors that I promise will go to Virginia as soon as possible.  Of course I must taste test this beer in order to confirm its authenticity, then I promise it will get to my house Virginia.

Please help in this time of great need.  Thank you.

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