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What were they thinking?

They obviously weren’t

There are a number of things Karen Marshall does not like about her daughter’s Conifer High School yearbook. Three pages in particular; pages 13, 33 and 71.

On page 13, they have students smoking pot and using drug paraphernalia…

My first thought was “where was the advisor?” But then I read further…

Monday, the yearbook advisor, Amy McTague released a statement apologizing to the students, staff and community for the controversial images and quotes.

She says she discussed the photos at length with her editor and they agreed that some of the elements are completely inappropriate. She goes on to say “these issues detract from the many wonderful things that are included in the book.”

So she discussed putting pot smoking photos in the yearbook with her editor, that she knew would “detract” from the yearbook….and yet the pics still made it in.

Ya know, I’m an advisor for a high school newspaper.  I believe in giving the kids as many choices about the content of their newspaper as possible, but I have the final say.  No way I put anything illegal, or harmful to students in my paper.  Why?  First, it’s my job on the line, but slightly more important is the fact that these kids don’t understand the full ramifications of their actions.  Just ask them..

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” said freshman Drew Daughtry. “There are drugs wherever you go. They were just trying to show what really happens with students. It’s part of their life.”

That maybe so, but by publishing these photos in the yearbook, they’ve made the lives of the kids pictured that much more difficult.  Say they want to run for office, or raise kids, or get a job.  They will have some difficult questions to answer.

Have fun with that.

But I’m sympathetic to the kids, I’m no saint, especially on this issue, but I know there are no published photos of me sucking down a bong.  These kids can’t say that, because some advisor didn’t think and didn’t do her job.

Luckily, the only thing ruined is a yearbook…so far.  I really hope it stays that way.



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