About Eric Wynalda and U.S. Soccer

The guy rubs lots of folk the wrong way, but it’s about time someone had the cojones to tell it like it is about U.S. Soccer.   The current players are talented but soft.  The USSF uses the “America hates soccer” crap to excuse poor performance and terrible management.  Finally, Wynalda understands that the U.S. should be kicking the crap out of most teams in the world even with the tallest, largest athletes playing other sports.

I don’t blame the U.S.  for not watching soccer, what with the terrible product the MLS produces and the lack of guts shown by the National Team.  It’s one thing to rough up Ecudor in a friendly, but quite another to actually show up to a World Cup and not look scared.

Soccer players in this country need to stop looking to the whiners around the globe for their role models and start looking up to guys like Wynalda so we can stop playing United Nations soccer and start playing soccer like….AMERICANS.

2 responses to “About Eric Wynalda and U.S. Soccer”

  1. Yea, but all that whining the Rapids did last summer made us attend some games and we even bought season passes this year. Guess we’re suckers in this house.

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