All this snow amazes me

It does remarkable things…

SUMMIT COUNTY – A snowplow tipped over on the median on the Interstate 70, blocking traffic for a time.

I’m a Colorado native, and I can’t remember this much snow falling, for this long a period in all the years I’ve lived here.  Denver just can’t get on top of it.  Side streets are a mess, and cars are being broken daily.  Contrary to popular belief, Colorado doesn’t get all that much snow, except for the mountains, and this wave of snowstorms is starting to take its toll.


Of course all my complaining does is get me this.

An area of low pressure will develop in the Pacific Northwest in the coming days and will move toward us for the weekend. The system will bring light snow on Saturday and some flurries are possible early on Sunday. Colder temperatures will also arrive for the weekend with the coldest air staying on the Plains east of Denver.


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