“The Drive”: Twenty years ago today

…was a wonderful day…

Pro Bowl-bound Elway then engineered the longest and most important drive of his four-year career. On the fifth play of the drive (2nd-and-7 from the Broncos’ 15), Elway rushed for 11 yards and a first down. He then hit Steve Sewell for a 22-yard gain, followed by a 12-yard strike to Steve Watson to give Denver a first down on the Cleveland 40. After an incompletion and an 8-yard sack, Elway threw a 20-yard pass to Mark Jackson, moving the team to the Cleveland 28. Another incompletion was followed by a 14-yard Elway-to-Sewell pass, giving the Broncos a first down on the Brown’s 14 with 57 seconds left. After an imcompletion Elway ran 9 yards to the Cleveland 5-yard line. On the next play, he hit Jackson for a touchdown, and Karlis’s extra point tied the score at 20 with 37 seconds left. Cleveland was unable to move the ball as time ran out in the fourth quarter.

What made it really, really great was this…

Rich Karlis kicked a 33-yard field goal 5:48 into overtime to give the Broncos a 23-20 victory over the Browns. The game was played before a crowd of 79,915 people, who braved a wind-chill of 5 degrees.

I’m not sure some people’s memories of that game are as fond as mine.

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