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When Trivial Pursuit goes bad

It goes bad quickly…..

A 21-year-old woman was hospitalized for intoxication over the weekend after “continually providing wrong answers” during a game of Trivial Pursuit where participants drank alcohol and did drugs when they answered incorrectly.

Let this be a lesson to all you kiddies.  Friends don’t let friends play Trivial Pursuit….particularly if they’re not very bright.  Besides, look at how much alcohol was wasted (and I do mean wasted) on this girl.  Think of all those sober, smart people who had to deal with drunky-face.

I’d have to start throwing answers “Vodkapundit style” just to deal.

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Darrent Williams investigation: A start

This is a good start….

Police have towed and impounded the white SUV sought in connection with the drive-by shooting death of Broncos player Darrent Williams.

The Chevrolet Tahoe was painted dark gray except for the top, which is white, and the rear license plate was removed. The front license plate was still on the car.

Nice to see cops got the car.  Interesting to see they were trying to paint it, bastards.  I’m sure they’re hearing the *tick*, *tick*, *tick*  right about now and that makes me smile.

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