A.I. or no A.I.

A good question….

The Nuggets are still running in the race for Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson, according to NBA sources.

I’m pretty torn on this one. I think that Iverson would solve a huge need for the Nuggets. Their weakness has been a lack of an outside scoring threat from the guard position. Iverson would give them that. Additionally, having two legitimate scoring threats along with Camby in the middle gives Denver a very potent lineup.


J.R. Smith and Najera are key parts to this team. Smith is a youngster who is just learning how to play in the NBA. He is a David Thompson sort of player. Hard to part with that kind of young talent. Najera, who I despised when he was at Oklahoma, is the consummate energy guy. If you need someone to battle for loose balls and rebounds, Najera’s the guy. Hard to lose him also. Finally, the Nuggets gotta worry about team chemistry. ‘Melo and Smith like to play together. They have fun with their high flying offense, and when they have fun they play well. Last year with Kenyon Martin, the team wasn’t having as much fun and didn’t play to their potential.

So what are the Nuggets to do? Do they make the trade and hope for the best, or do they stand pat and let the current group continue to gel? I lean towards not making the trade, but then again, if Iverson comes here and flourishes…well….watch out NBA.

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