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Getting ready for the big J.C.

Jay Cutler that is….

Rookie quarterback Jay Cutler will be the Denver Broncos’ starter against the Seattle Seahawks next weekend, coach Mike Shanahan said Monday.

The Broncos need a spark and Cutler can give to them, but the rest of the team needs to get a whole lot better.

The defense needs to get the other team’s 3rd down conversion percentage a lot lower.  I was shocked that it was only 35 percent for the season, but factoring in the stellar defensive play early in the year, the number should be better.  The Chargers were something like 8-12 ln third down.  That only creates 10 play 6:00 minute drives against you.  Not good.

The offense needs a lot more consistancy.  Can Jay Cutler help that?  Yes, but he can’t do it alone; just ask Jake Plummer.  Rod Smith needs to step up and show all those rookies how it’s done.

The most important result of this move is the message it sends.  Let me tell you, there are 52 other players in that Bronco locker room who understand that if you don’t perform, you don’t play. And after the last week, a bunch of those guys needed to receive that message.

You’ll know if the team got the message after about one quarter on Sunday against the Seahawks.  Of course I’ll be there for the whole thing “From the pressbox.”

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Can you hear me?

I was driving down the highway when I saw a car with “Alumni of Galludet” on the licence plate.

I was gonna honk, but they wouldn’t have heard me anyway.

It leads me to this question.  It’s illegal to have anything impairing your hearing while you’re driving (i.e headphones).  Does that make it illegal to drive while deaf?

It seems to me that it should be.  Either that or it shouldn’t be illegal to wear headphones.

Take your pick.

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