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Random moment of zen

A wise man is certain only about his uncertainty….

…or not; I’m not certain.

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So I have this huge final paper due in my grad school class, along with a power point presentation.

Have I finished it yet?  Not a chance, but there’s still plenty of time to get it done.

Yea right!  Time to get to work…..right after this game of solitaire

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I didn’t have this problem

Saw this from Terry Heaton at Instapundit….

I just got back from a series of meetings in a conference room at a Hilton hotel here in Dallas, during which the hotel wanted us to pay for wireless internet access on a per-user basis. Here’s the scenario:

There were 11 of us in a small conference room with a table that seated 12. Naturally, we all wanted access to the net, but the charge for that was $175 per person! That’s $1,925 for internet access for the group. We (I) pitched a fit, and they agreed to cut it significantly, but it was still far more than what we were willing to pay.

Access in a room at the hotel is $12, but $175 for the same access in one of the conference rooms. “It’s standard in the industry,” I was told by the frightened girl I confronted in Conference Services (this challenges the meaning of that word). Can anybody say rip-off?

I’m no world traveler,yet, but I was at the Denver Tech Center Marriott covering the Republican Elections Headquarters last week.  I turned on the laptop, connected to the free wireless, and proceeded to work.

Now is this the industry standard?  I don’t know, but if I owned a hotel, I’d have free wireless.

I think Mr. Heaton might have been fibbed to, but as I said, I’m no world traveler…yet.

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