Why I don’t always listen

Because these people are the ones telling us they’re “morally superior”.

A young woman’s rooftop suicide bid in Germany sparked a mass brawl between spectators encouraging the 21-year-old to jump and a group of homeless people trying to protect her, authorities said Tuesday.

The homeless people were angered when some teenagers in the crowd of hundreds started yelling to the woman she should throw herself from the roof of the town hall of the southwestern town of Loerrach, said police spokesman Dietmar Ernst.

“The homeless people started shouting at the kids not to say that, using some strong language,” Ernst said. “Morally speaking though, the homeless people were in the right.”

If the only people who care about a fellow human being in your society are the homeless people, my guess is you have some real deep “morality” issues to deal with.  Maybe Germany should fix their own house rather than complain about ours.
That’s why I don’t think I’m better than anybody else.  It’s too easy to be proved wrong.

That being said, I’m certainly better than the German “kids” mentioned above.

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