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Election Night in Colorado

Well, I just got to the Colorado Republican Headquarters…after waiting in line for two and a half hours. I’m on standby in case anything “odd” happens. I’ll pretty much be checking email and playing online cribbage, but I’ll check back from time to time to let you in on any interesting things happening.

7:18p (everything’s in Mountain Time)....I will say this, Republican girls dress up very well. That’s always a big plus. They make the evening go faster.

7:44p…..sitting in a very comfy chair with a very comfy drink makes me happy. The reports coming out so far are a little unsettling. We’ll see. I’m just waiting for my, I’m sure will be, delicious burger.

8:03p…..Well the burger was nice. I hope the incoming returns don’t start giving me heartburn. Looks like Musgrave and Tancredo will win. Not so good for other Republicans.

8:46p…..I’m shocked by all the younger folks at the Republican headquarters. Nice to see. Everyone is reserved but ready to party. Pretty upbeat, for the “massacre” coming this way. I’m not seeing the Dem wave, but it’s still not good.

9:03p…..Second martini. Yummy! Still looking actually beter than the prognostications. Steele is hanging on in Maryland. Things going pretty much according to plan in Colorado. No one is fashioning nooses quite yet. The bar’s pretty full though.

9:36p…..As you can see from my flurry of posts, there’s not a lot going on here. We’re waiting for Beauprez to concede and that’s about it. check back later for any “new” developments.

10:03p….Is it bad when all the people ask for their tabs, and it’s only 10:00p? Oh well, at least it’s not a 3o seat swing. The Dems will have to act like adults for two years. Can they do it? With their netroots I doubt it.

10:19p…..O.K. I told the boss it would be a waste for me to be at the Republican HQ. Who knew it was me getting wasted…..mArTiNiS tasTe GoOd wHen yoU’Ve had FoUR!!!! Good news for the bar I suppose. It’s trickle down my throat economics.

10:31p…..Last post for me.  Good news and bad news.  The Republicans got beat, but they still have the Senate (for now).  Really, that was the best that could realistically be hoped for.  I wouldn’t want to be a Dem right now.  All the outrage and this is the best that could be done?  Enjoy it Dems.  I guarantee it won’t be like this in 08′.  And I don’t make too many guarantees.

nighty night rabbits!!!!!

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Why I don’t always listen

Because these people are the ones telling us they’re “morally superior”.

A young woman’s rooftop suicide bid in Germany sparked a mass brawl between spectators encouraging the 21-year-old to jump and a group of homeless people trying to protect her, authorities said Tuesday.

The homeless people were angered when some teenagers in the crowd of hundreds started yelling to the woman she should throw herself from the roof of the town hall of the southwestern town of Loerrach, said police spokesman Dietmar Ernst.

“The homeless people started shouting at the kids not to say that, using some strong language,” Ernst said. “Morally speaking though, the homeless people were in the right.”

If the only people who care about a fellow human being in your society are the homeless people, my guess is you have some real deep “morality” issues to deal with.  Maybe Germany should fix their own house rather than complain about ours.
That’s why I don’t think I’m better than anybody else.  It’s too easy to be proved wrong.

That being said, I’m certainly better than the German “kids” mentioned above.

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A lesson learned way too late

Saddam Hussein as Rodney King…..

A somber Saddam Hussein called on Iraqis to forgive each other Tuesday, when he returned to court two days after being sentenced to death for crimes against humanity in another case.

Saddam, speaking to the court in the afternoon session, cited references to the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus who had asked for forgiveness for those who opposed them.

It’s nice to see that Saddam agrees with the rest of us that the killing in Iraq should stop.  The Kurds, the Shiites, the Iranians, the Kuwaitis, and the victims of the “night of the long knives” are all wondering why Saddam didn’t think of this sooner.

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