A pre-election day prayer

May those who agree with me find their path to the polls short and sweet

and may those who don’t agree with me also find their path to the polls short and sweet….

…..but filled with distractions to make them forget where they were going in the first place.


One response to “A pre-election day prayer”

  1. as I usually agree with you, perhaps why I come here, to feel reassured – I have to report that here in Jefferson County – by NO planning on my part, I had to vote AFTER work (usually a terrible plan) and waited for no more than 10 minutes – the entire trip – home to polling place, waiting to sign the deal, waiting for a machine (I like the punch machines better, something about dropping that ballot in the box), and then my voting – I did take a cheat sheet in though because there were so many amendments to remember – and back home again – less than 30 minutes. I must say that I feel very much in the minority this morning – even on those issues where I voted more like a democrat (the gay rights stuff and the marijuana), I voted the opposite of the outcome!

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