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Just in time for Halloween

The perfect domain name for this time of year.

The Internet domain name Hell.com is scheduled to be sold at a live auction Friday, with organizers expecting bids of more than $1 million

What content would you put there? Me?  I’d put nothing because I got better uses for $1 million than blowing it on a domain name.


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An embarrassment for whom?

What is Vincente Fox talking about?

Mexico’s president sharply criticized President Bush’s signing Thursday of a bill to build 700 miles of additional fencing on its southern border, calling the move an “embarrassment.”

The only embarrassment, President Fox, is that your country is so corrupt that your people can’t make a living in your country, so they must go to other countries like the United States. Worse is that a large portion of your fellow countrymen ignore laws here that you uphold far more vigorously in Mexico, and yet you do nothing. You are an immigration hypocrite as well. Don’t think so? Why don’t we discuss immigration on your southern border for a moment. How’s that Guatemala border treating you? Or should I ask how you’re treating those braceros?

Talk about embarrassing.

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