Did I mention I like snow?

Because I do.

This makes me very happy!

A powerful winter storm is headed toward Colorado, due to hit late this evening.

Yea, snow!!!

2 responses to “Did I mention I like snow?”

  1. I love the snow only if I don’t have to drive in it. I do like playing in it, then coming in and warming up, or sometimes staying inside all day while it snows outside all day.

  2. I love being outside in the snow….It’s the wind I don’t like so much. Driving in snow is fun, but the stopping part can be a pain.

    It’s great to hear from you! I hope everything is going well with you. All A’s is grad school, I expect? I’ve been so busy with the soccer coaching, internship, reporting, and grad school; why it’s almost like raising a bunch of girls; that I haven’t had the time to be emailing. I do visit though. Hope you’re having a great evening. Make your girls give you a message. Talk with you soon.

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