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A question on vote fraud

This article got me thinking about electronic voting machines. So I have a few questions.
Why do the “stolen” codes end up in Democratic hands, by someone, it seems, trying to help Democrats (If it was just a non-partisan whistle-blower, why not give it to both Dems and Repubs)?
Why, when vote fraud is alleged, is it always the Republicans who are accused, but always, it seems, Democrats convicted?

Why wouldn’t a Voter ID law be accepted, applauded, and implemented by anyone who wants fair elections?

Fair questions that deserve fair answers, but I don’t think I’ll get them.

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Monday Good News

For this guy

A man who found himself in Denver not knowing who he was or how he got here was identified Sunday after his parents saw a television report about him.

Denver police said the man who had been known only as “Al” is Jeff Ingram, 40, of Olympia, Wash.

Ingram suffers from a rare medical disorder known as dissociative fugue, police said.

I can’t imagine having such a terrible medical problem. Every other disease, at least you know how you’ve dealt with it before. I mean, what would you do if you woke up one morning, somewhere, with no idea who you are or where you’ve been? I’d be petrified. And I’m not sure I would have gone to a mental health clinic like this guy did. Very smart.

Glad to see he got his family back.

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