I couldn’t have made it up; end of soccer season edition

The final soccer game of the season was scheduled for today…until about 2:30p today, when I received a call from my A.D.

First some background.

The high school we were scheduled to play resides inside a children’s detention center…..a maximum security children’s detention center. Don’t get me wrong, I like to play them. Their kids are actually pretty nice, but the thought of playing against “prison kids” makes our kids behave a little better.

Now that you have that , I can get back to my phone call.

The A.D. said that the game was cancelled because the prison school had “uncovered an planned escape attempt”.  No word if it was a general escape plan, or one from the kids that were coming here planning to chase a soccer ball and keep going (I bet on the former).


You gotta understand, it is mid to late October in Colorado. There is a snow storm coming in as I type. I have ineligible kids…lots of them. The flu’s going around. Anything could have cancelled this game. Heck, Elk could have cancelled last week’s game…seriously.

But an escape attempt? That’s a new one for me.

Told the kids it was the easiest win they’d ever have in their lives.  So we finish with a win, a .500 season (6-6-2), a fourth place finish in our district, oh yea, and a Frontier League title.  Go figure.

Pretty good for a first year program if I say so myself.  I’ll be at the bar.

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